DAISO HAUL || Craft Haul || GIVEAWAY *WINNER in comments* || September 2017

DAISO HAUL || Craft Haul || GIVEAWAY *WINNER in comments* || September 2017

Amazing Daiso Haul || Craft Haul || GIVEAWAY || September 2017
Hello! I went to our local Japanese dollar store Daiso again!
I picked up so many affordable craft materials and craft kits, as well as a host of other adorable items. If you have a Daiso dollar store in your area, you should definitely check it out. Great source for thrifty homeschooling, cheap craft supplies, and inexpensive teacher supplies. The Daiso stationery, craft materials, glassware, and office supplies are fantastic! Comment below with a video topic idea to enter the giveaway (which closes at 11:59 pm CT on 9/15/17).

✦ Who are we?
My name is Tanya, and I’m an MD-JD turned homeschooling mom of 3 kiddos, aged 7, 4, and 2. We are a eclectic, secular homeschooling family growing closer together in knowledge and in spirit. You can find videos here about homeschooling (a lot), motherhood and parenting (some), ADHD (a lot), minimalism (hopefully a lot!), homemaking (a little), and transitioning from a working mom to a SAHM/WAHM (a smidge). Thank you for subscribing and joining our homeschool journey!

✦ Where else can you find us?
Instagram: projecthappyhome
Twitter: @projecthappyhom (Note the missing “e”)

✦ FTC Disclaimer: Most of the products featured on my channel have been purchased by me. If I have products sent to me for review or if I partner with a company (e.g., as an affiliate), I will disclose it in the video and/or description. My integrity and relationship with all of you is of paramount importance, and I would never mislead you for any amount of monetary gain. The opinions and reviews that I share are entirely my own.

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PACIFIC SUN by Nicolai Heidlas Music
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24 thoughts on “DAISO HAUL || Craft Haul || GIVEAWAY *WINNER in comments* || September 2017

  1. I'm so sorry for the delay, but the winner is . . . Veronica Villegas!! If you email me at, I'll be happy to send your gift out to you ASAP!

  2. My child has grown up, and I do miss the closeness we achieved by homeschooling. Dont worry about you using vouchers redeemable for cash seeming like a bribe. Rather see it as children taking responsibility for their own spending choices. My son could read/write at 3 yrs, but numbers were like a foreign language to him. I decided to give him some money (pocket money, $1 for each year old, I had to stop this when he grew older….too expensive) we would use the store catalogs delivered to home in our country, to choose items and create number sentences to reflect a pretend purchase ( my money minus my toy leaves me with this change) I taught addition and multiplication together and subtraction and division together. This helped him understand I wasn't a walking money tree and everyday groceries needed to be purchased from a set amount of cash. He's now 25 and managing his own finances whilst studying interstate. I am confident in his ability to pay his bills on time and allow enough money for food for the entire week. And I smile to myself every time I turn the pages of my weekly supermarket catalog remembering our homeschooling days. As an aside, one thing I learned along the way, was not to do more than 2hrs twice a week formal book work, but to spend most of the time cooking, planting a veg garden taking a field trip to a museum or art gallery ( also the science museum) they are the times which not only put dry math to purpose, but build memories. Also team up with other homeschool families and trade skills. I am good at teaching children to read on a ten week program just a couple hours a week. So parents would send their children to me to cover the reading section of the curriculum, then I would send my child to one family for cooking lessons, another for art classes, another for swimming lessons etc. By sharing skills with like minded parents, your children experience another adult's way of teaching, mix with other children, and learn that Mum is not the only person from whom to learn. BTW it gives you some quiet coffee time !

  3. You were absolutely adorable showing your haul!! Glowing😂
    I have never heard of Daiso… I will be searching to see if I have one anywhere near me. Iwould love to be entered in your giveaway

    As far as a video request. I heard you say you are working part time. I myself am now working part time in the evenings. I'd like to know how you manage your time. Meals , household cleaning, sanity, family time,…all the things… I feel like I'm am running a daily marathon to get it all done…and I keep it together for a few days at a time.

    Thanks for the offer for the giveaway!🛍

  4. Would really like to see how your kids feel about homeschooling and the, engaging in conversations with you about your youtube hahaha

  5. I would love to see a homeschooling video..

  6. A video about you , your origin , your profession and your kids. This might not see useful to some. But such videos fetch inspiration the most.

  7. I'm new to your channel but I'd love a video on how you are trying to embrace minimalism in your life with the kids. Did you get rid of a bunch of junk? And how are they handling it?

  8. I love Daiso,, last time I visited California I went to Daiso about once a week!! Im so bummed that  we don't have any near me.

  9. I have never heard of this store before. Super fun!

  10. Hey tanya! Pls enter me in your giveaway..
    Video idea- I think you should do a diy crafts video for kids.

  11. Daiso, sounds awesome. I spend a lot of my day in the car cause we live so far away from everything. Besides an iPad, what are some of your favorite things for the kids to do in the car.

  12. So many great items! So wish we had Daiso in Canada. As a fellow secular homeschooler I love watching your videos, especially any time they highlight secular resources, curriculum and activities, mindsets etc. I would also love to hear you talk about your routine with your younger kiddos too. As I have one just starting "JK" as well as a 2 y/o. So right now we are quite flexible with our routine and keeping "school" fun and varied and interest lead etc. Would love to know how much structure / time per day / flexibility you employ with your younger ones 🙂

  13. Such a cute give away. I would like to see a video on how to chose the right curriculum and how to incorporate a CM style on an older child that has never done it before. Is this method easier to start when your child is younger?

  14. I would love to enter this giveaway 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 nice giveaway 🙌🙌🙌

  15. What a fun giveaway!! I would love for you to do a video about the ticket program you plan to use for rewards.

  16. 1) Until your videos, I had never heard of Daiso. I'll have to check out their website. Hana over at Pepper and Pine really gets you inspired to do handicrafts Waldorf / Charlotte Mason style, doesn't she?! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with in your own homeschool.
    2) Imagine this: I had to stop your video to help my husband get out of a king size quilt I recently bought. He got wrapped up in it like a burrito and couldn't get out! Bahahaha (Just thought you'd get a kick out of what one of your viewers was doing while trying to watch your video.)
    3) Those animal kits are ADORABLE!
    4) The last couple years, I cut our index cards in half, and I had my daughter write her vocab word on one side and write the definition on the back. Then, I kept them all together with one of those binder rings. Those word cards are exactly how they turned out, only better. They're less work and look more neat. At the end of the year, the kiddos can see just how many words they have learned by seeing the thick stack of cards on the ring. It's a better visual for them, instead of just trying to remember all the papers in a pile.
    5) I love that idea of the "catch them while they're being good" affirmation cards. Also, you've explained this behavioral modification theory very well. I think a lot of people will have something to chew on because of you bringing this to their attention.
    6) You can use the fingernail scrubbers to scrub potatoes too. (a separate one just for that use, of course.)
    7) When I was teaching Danielle symmetry, I had to whip out our mirror before she could really get the concept. You'll be glad you bought those little mirrors. Maybe, you can store them with your math manipulatives?
    8) As far as the give-a-way and what type of videos I'd like to see, I think you do a great job as it is. Maybe you could incorporate some of the activities you do with the kids real time. You don't have to show their faces. You could just position the camera where you see them doing the actual task. I'm going to try to incorporate some more of those type shots in my videos, as well. I think it's very helpful for people to see how we actually incorporate the things we get for our homeschool and how we use them, especially if we have a unique idea or spin on the lesson. Also, do you do unit studies, yet? I'm sorry I can't remember if I've seen a unit study video from your channel or not. That would be cool IF you do.

    Take care, Tanya. Have a great homeschooling week. 🙂

  17. I have never heard of this store! I would love to see you give a tutorial of some needle work.

  18. I love Daiso I just posted a haul on my channel too 🙂

  19. I would love to see a DITL homeschool video!

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