D.I.Y. Gucci Flip Flops | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

D.I.Y. Gucci Flip Flops | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

Super Gucci flip flops are iconic but they’re expensive af. Here’s how to make your own on the cheap.

Ballin’ On a Budget? Cheap Thrills!


#CheapThrills #Tatered

Tatered. Tots.
36,000 years ago our ancestors, warmed and lit by fire stolen from Prometheus, painted pictures of bison and cattle in the caves of Altimira in northern Spain.
The 5th century BC Athens brought us the golden age of Pericles, the birth of democracy, and Artistotle’s Poetics, the framework for every story since told.
The 17th century was Shakespeare, 18th the Declaration of Independence, 19th was Nietzche.
Then for a while there was nothing. Then, there was SUPER DELUXE. Then, nothing again.
Now is Tatered.

D.I.Y. Gucci Flip Flops | Cheap Thrills | Tatered


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26 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Gucci Flip Flops | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

  1. The white base is the hardest

  2. what’s with the exposure of this video lol it’s so flat

  3. So you're just reuploading Super Deluxe content and pretending it's your own or what?

  4. Why the Shop is not working

  5. Who watching in 2019 I remember this video

  6. He was juuling and this was 2017

  7. ty jebany ulancu, szyi ci nawet nie widać

  8. Gucci slippers. I thought it was when you just slip your feet in your shoes and go along with your day. This video made me understand Gucci slippers way better. I didn't know there were so many kinds of gucci slippers.

  9. He can even turn motorola to iphone x

  10. Tbh this edited is a lot shittier than normal

  11. I like how some product can be so expensive but you can make them yourself but very cheaper

  12. Bro this is weak what ever happened with that thc vape you suck bow

  13. I wonder who actually went ahead and did this

  14. Wish u would upload still ;-;

  15. why you use this color?
    are you know it's is a flag of bangladesh?

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