CRAZY Budget Clearance in Beauty at TJ Maxx | Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA

CRAZY Budget Clearance in Beauty at TJ Maxx | Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA

Great So in today’s haul we wanted to talk a little bit about the Budget Clearance items you can find in Beauty at TJ Maxx . Specifically we are using these for Retail Arbitrage for Amazon FBA however, there are some great bargains with high quality products.

They are definitely a resell friendly product lineup. However if you are just looking for a good clearance section you can definitely find some products on the cheap, especially since they are running such a great sale right now as it’s the new year and they are trying to clear off shelf space for new inventory for 2020.

We hope you enjoyed the video . Make sure if you did to drop a comment below!

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14 thoughts on “CRAZY Budget Clearance in Beauty at TJ Maxx | Retail Arbitrage Amazon FBA

  1. Ross, Marshall’s, TJ MAXX. Don’t miss out on grocery as well.

  2. also when you show item to camera its not focusing. not sure if this is on purpose or not.

  3. Back to back!!! Great vid!! I always hustle the beauty at ross. better than burlington in my area. closest masrshalls is too far.

  4. Can you do a videos of your setup because it looks perfect now? Awesome video I usually go up and down the aisle to find barely anything. (The end caps) I will keep that in mind.

  5. Hi Justin, I have a question. At 5:07 in the video you show a screenshot from your phone that shows the product, Amazon info, costs, profit, etc. What is the program or app? Thanks.

  6. Thanks Juston! I have been sourcing alot and getting some Awesome deals. Thanks for the help😀

  7. Just starting out beauty is the main category I would like to get ungated in.

  8. Thats my go to store when I first started… Going back there today actually! Thanks for the video!

  9. Where is the wife miss seeing the whole family?

  10. Hey I love your channel!! Just a question what app do you use to check the prices and stuff which scout app is it? Thanks!

  11. Great video thanks for the info!

  12. which section of tjmaxx would you say is best for someone new who is gated in beauty and toys? great vid thanks!

  13. Another great video thanks!

  14. SOOOO … Kristen may or may NOT be working on a womens panties/bras video 😂 … don’t hate me for the panties thing lol

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