Craft With Me! Quick & Easy Dragon's Eye!

Craft With Me! Quick & Easy Dragon's Eye!

Super This is one of my favorite crafts. It’s so easy, costs next to nothing, and looks pretty cool. 🙂 This very simplified version was inspired by the beautiful artwork of Yvonne Williams. Her channel is If you’re interested in really learning to make quality dragon eye cabachons, she’s a great teacher!

Cheap Cabachons ( Check Dollar General. They sell bags of them for $2.00)
Black Fingernail Polish or Acrylic Paint
Any colors of nail polish you choose (Some shimmery ones for larger areas looks best.
Small Dotting Tool or Toothpick
Mod Podge or even just a top coat nail polish

That’s all you need! Some polish remover will help if you make a mistake or if you want to make another one then just totally erase it with polish remover or Acetone and start over. No waste! 🙂

Thanks for watching! Have fun!

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24 thoughts on “Craft With Me! Quick & Easy Dragon's Eye!

  1. I don't even use toothpicks for my teeth 😆😆
    They should just call them "tiny, pointed craft sticks"

  2. Where I can find these materials…..?? Your work us amazing!!!!

  3. Very pretty. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Bonnie! I just stumbled across your channel and wanted to thank you for your videos. They’re both fun to watch and really instructive!
    Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit in sharing your talents. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. I know I’m very late but can you use acrylic paint?

  6. This is fun/cathartic & great way to use nail polishes to make room for new ones!

  7. Can I have one or do I have to buy it

  8. I watched Yvonne's video first but then I saw yours because your design was so galactic and I just had to see it! Then I saw you used her method, amazing!!!!

  9. Love it! Old nail polish really comes in handy. Perfect!💖

  10. Nice, I will have to make those with the kids

  11. I have some questions about the cabochons you are using, nope you can answer. What size ore the ones you are using and are they perfectly flat on e one size or are they more like a rock? We don't have dollar General here where I live and I don't know where to get them. All the craft stores I went to don't carry them.

  12. I've seen that shirt everywhere on Wish and I always thought "Bonnie should get this!"
    Beautiful Dragon eye, I made similar things when I was at an outpatient treatment place💚

  13. I have that Broadway nails green and I wear it 😂😂😂 that eye is so awesome!!

  14. You should try water marbling ❤

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