Craft with Me: Exterior of Valentine's Day Embellishment Box

Craft with Me:  Exterior of Valentine's Day Embellishment Box

Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! I thought you might want to join me decorating the exterior of the embellishment box. I did end up adding more leaves and a couple of words. Thank y’all for stopping by!

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25 thoughts on “Craft with Me: Exterior of Valentine's Day Embellishment Box

  1. What a pretty box… I just found your channel and I am enjoying it.. thank you ..

  2. I love these crafty videos. I'm the same way, it takes me forever to figure what to put and where to put lol

  3. Wow, Corn this is a cute and lovely box. You did a great job .

  4. Love the color scheme and it's so pretty,..I'm one who uses hot glue often because I have no patience sometimes for other glues to adhere😄😄 Very relaxing watching you create 💕

  5. Hello Sweet Corn! Your embellishment box came out so beautifully, and thanks for crafting with us. The colors are so soft and pleasing to the eye. You’re voice is so calming and relaxing and it’s fun watching while I craft too. I remember watching Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood back in the day, and I loved watching it because it gave me a feeling of home. Something about his voice. Thanks for finishing your lovely box with us and have a wonderful day sweetie❤️

  6. Good morning my little “Love Struck Friend!” Lol Corn, the lace fits perfectly and looks gorgeous as is on the top of your embellishment box. The variety of pink shades, textures and fabrics is so you. It’s just stunning!! I need to find a no sew version of your flowers. Seriously! Lol Then I could make some with a glue gun. 😂 You can really see the glitter on the glitzy paper leaves. That is really sweet to say! I remember Bob Ross, and Handsome Assistant definitely get his chocolate points! Hehe (Give that man a bag of his favorite chocolates) 😀 Corn, you’re so talented and it truly shows in your work! Love it! The tiny flower bling is so cute, and everything came together so beautifully. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing, and sending warm hugs your way!

  7. I love the color scheme you chose for this. I enjoyed watching you embellish the box. It is beautiful.
    I use to love Mr. Rogers also. Have a wonderful Sunday!💖

  8. Watching you craft is wonderful and relaxing. You are so detailed and delicate it's so nice to watch you craft. It's absolutely beautiful!!😊

  9. Watching you Corn, is very relaxing .. 😊💖 I liked watching Bob Ross too:) and his happy little trees:)🌳🌲

  10. M C

    Hello Corn ..absolutely beautiful q🙃😘👍🤗🤗tfs..have a great weekend

  11. Lol 😂 my favorite adhesive is hot glue and that double sided tape that you gifted me from the DT! Vote button lol maybe you can do a craft with me on “live” then we can vote that way lol but I find doing lives can be challenging I don’t do them that much but they are fun too sometimes. Mr.Rodgers was my favorite going up!
    I love my embellishment box I was so excited to have won it and have one of your beautiful creations in my home! TFS! Xoxo muahzz💕😘🥰💜

  12. I just love the top of this embellishment box. It was a lot of fun to sit down and watch you craft. Have a wonderful and blessed rest of the weekend Corn.

  13. Corn I love this u are so amazing love crafting with u TFS HUGS

  14. Hello beautiful lady it’s great to see you and your embellishments box is absolutely beautiful love the colors. Am with you with the glue we’re not friends 😂😀 tfs. 🤗

  15. Corn the box came out gorgeous especially with your fabric flowers that i can get enough of looking at. I have been hoarding the one that came on the pocket letter you sent me…lol.

  16. Bonsoir Corn, I enjoyed spending part of my Saturday evening with you. I love how you decorated the top of this box, pink is my favorite color, I like that you made the background in gingham and topped it off with your beautiful flowers. I wanted to watch earlier but I decided to clean out the cold air returns in my house, oh boy, I think I found a cat in there. I have one more to go but need to move the furniture around in my room to get to it(fat ass)lol… tfs

  17. Love the flowers and that lace😍😍 amazing beautiful work corn tfs xo

  18. Hi corn I watch mr. Rogers every day I loved him too he's such a warm man would always make you happy your lovely box is beautiful someone's going to be proud to have it. I hope you got my email I sent you?

  19. Hi Corn ❤️❤️❤️
    Hope your having a great weekend 💗
    Hope your snow melted today…

    Love your project shares ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Very pretty box❤❤The lace is Perfect in size,color and for the meaning its being used!! Love it ALL!! I agree that the time spent making the items and effort put into it is all that matters💋TYFS GOD BLESS🙏

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