Cosplay Melee Finale Dollar Store Challenge!

Cosplay Melee Finale Dollar Store Challenge!

Wonderful In honor of the first season of Cosplay Melee, we’re hosting a Dollar Store Prop Challenge! The rules are simple:

1: Get $20

2: Go to a dollar store

3: Buy $20 worth of stuff (save your receipt!)

4: Take a photo of your items and receipt

5: Build something awesome!!! Tools, Glues & Paints are not included in the $20. Use what you got! Also take progress photos.

6: Email the photos of your prop to
with the subject line “Dollar Store Prop Challenge”

We will pick a winner at the end of May. They will receive a kit of their choice from our store:

I can’t wait to see all the cool thing you all build!

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3 thoughts on “Cosplay Melee Finale Dollar Store Challenge!

  1. soooo I'm just now learning about the cosplay world as of a month ago when I just happened to watch episode 1 of cosplay melee and I am hooked! how does a newbie like me get involved as far as attending a show or convention? are they expensive? in California? like I'm so new and green. lol!

  2. I think he should have won Cosplay Melee his was the best.

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