Come With Me To ~4~ Dollar Trees /PHENOMENAL NEW ITEMS /Must See | Aug 27

Come With Me To ~4~ Dollar Trees /PHENOMENAL NEW ITEMS /Must See | Aug 27

Wonderful Dollar Tree Haul 💕 All NEW💕Hope To Make You Laugh/ Need Your Help🙂:

Dollar Tree Haul | All New Items | Quick Trip To DT | Aug 23:

Dollar Tree Haul 》All New Items 》Bonus Ending:

Come With Me To ~°4°~ FANTASTIC Dollar Trees ❤AMAZING NEW FINDS |Aug 21:

SIX *6*🎃Dollar Tree Halloween DIYS~Simple & Fun👻://

Dollar Tree Haul🌳/ Great NEW Items❤:

Dollar Tree Haul~ All Wonderful New Items~ Hope To Make You Laugh:

Dollar Tree DIY: 3D LED Buffalo Black & White Plaid Farmhouse Pumpkin🎃AMAZING Turnout ❤More Ideas:

Come With Me To A *PHENOMENAL* Dollar Tree ♡ So Many NEW FINDS| Aug 15:

Come With Me To The Dollar Tree 🌳FANTASTIC FINDS!! WOW😯:

Come With Me To *2* AMAZING Dollar Trees❤SCORE!!! Must Watch| CLEARANCE ALERT | Aug 13:

Large Dollar Tree Haul ❤ Ideas 💕 Funny🤪 BONUS~Aug 11:

Dollar Tree Haul 🌳 All New Items ❤ Aug 9:

Come With Me To ~`2`~ Dollar Trees/ More New Items/Aug 8:

Come With Me To ~°2°~ Wonderful Dollar Trees/AMAZING NEW ITEMS /Aug 7:

SIX *6*🎃Dollar Tree Halloween DIYS~Simple & Fun👻:

Dollar Tree Haul 🌳 All New Items/ 2 DT DIY’s💕 Aug 4:

9 Dollar Tree DIYS/ Black & White Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Theme~ MUST WATCH:

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47 thoughts on “Come With Me To ~4~ Dollar Trees /PHENOMENAL NEW ITEMS /Must See | Aug 27

  1. We also say “fancy shmancy” 🤣

  2. This is a fun full-time plus job 😊

  3. I’ve never heard someone call a rubber band a “ponytail holder”…..


  4. Hi Jenny beautiful haul thank you for sharing

  5. Hope to find the rugs. They are awesome. Love the tassels on the side of the rugs.

  6. All of the books were a dollar? That’s so cheap!

  7. Your dollar tree is awesome. I live in Atlanta and none of ours look nothing like this 😒😞

  8. That was a great walk through your stores.. thanks !!

  9. Jenny, TFS! Do like gold wire basket&pumpkin wreath form…not in my DT yet?! Love the "Frolicking Pups" ! LOL🐶🐶🐶💝😍

  10. I have those spiral hair ties and use them. They actually work and aren't hard to get out either

  11. Every DT is different I wish mine would stock that would be nice it's so behind

  12. So lucky the candles have sucked at my store and have it been stocking I love candles never had those fall candles at my store depends who stocks

  13. The one on Lima road is my favorite one btw 🙂 and Coldwater road 🙂 love those 2. Miss going to them too

  14. Your from fort Wayne!!!!!!!! So am I but we currently live in Michigan! Nice to see a fellow YouTuber from near me!!!

  15. Your dollar trees are so much better than this part of Florida,

  16. Thanks for the update on Make up asle

  17. I bought one of the small fall gift boxes (you didn't show any here) it was shaped like a pumpkin and very cute, but when I got it home and checked it out, inside the lid would be cute too because it says AUTUMN, but it's backwards! 😲😒 I love watching your walk thru's, you're so thorough.

  18. Well I don't know if they're new or not but I've never seen those bows that have a slit on them but that would be perfect for like dip and chips those boxes are awesome I would love to have some of those I don't really like those ones I feel like they're more like a bracelet than for your hair your stores have the nicest things the socks are really cute yes I love puzzles your store has the best books I really enjoyed that video and your dogs are so cute

  19. My dt sale the water as a 12 pack to I do believe.

  20. Thanks for sharing 😊! I hope to find the Soak Off Nail Polish Caps at my local Dollar Tree. I think it will make removing nail polish easier.

  21. What is so sad for me , is that you show so many products that is not at my DT’s

  22. Thank you for the walk thru, justso many pretty things! Hope you have a wonderful day too!

  23. I need to find that pink ribbon at 15:33 for my besties bachelorette party! I hope my Dollartree has them! Thank you for sharing 💕💍💕

  24. Give a house tour video..Plzz..

  25. I have really thick curly hair and I use those telephone cord ponytail holders they don’t slip and they don’t tangle up

  26. Jenny, Your Dollar Trees have everything and they are all so organized. I get tired when I see how many Dollar Trees you go too. So much work! I appreciate all the work you do for us! I Love your channel so much! I hope you know how much I appreciate you❣❤️❤️😘😘 Thank you so much! 🤗💕💕 Irene

  27. The coil hair elastics don’t tangle but they do stretch out really far and don’t regain their original shape

  28. I think I need to travel toFort Wayne, IN, cause our 2 Dollar Trees just are not carrying the selection your showing!

  29. You find the coolest things..

  30. Hahaha every time you do your intro and you say I’ll see you at “ the dollar tree” I always end up saying it with you lol it’s just fun to say 😂🤣😊

  31. I'm thinking if I called the Dollar Tree Headquarters and told them that my Dollar Tree has nothing they are suppose to carry if it would make a difference. I WOULD love to have the fall boxes! I WOULD absolutely love to fake real beauty!

  32. I used to live in Ft Wayne & am coming back for a visit this Friday. Which DT'S do you suggest I visit. The ones around where I live aren't the best. Fun watching you!

  33. The dogs are always 😍😍🤗🤗

  34. The phone cord hair ties are awesome.

  35. I see some diys using those gold wire baskets. Lol

  36. Can you get me 6 of the pumpkin wreath forms? I'll pay s&h. Our stores are sold out already and they aren't online to purchase. Thanks

  37. Your Dollar Trees are so much better than mine.

  38. How did I not know that dollar tree has brooms?

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