Come With Me To 4 Dollar Trees & My Favorite DT/ FANTASTIC NEW ITEMS

Come With Me To  4 Dollar Trees & My Favorite DT/ FANTASTIC NEW ITEMS

Great Large Dollar Tree Haul *ALL NEW* Winners Announced* BONUS FOOTAGE 🤣 Trying out Items:

HUMONGOUS Dollar Tree Haul ❤ FANTASTIC New Items ~ Special Giveaway ~Oct 4:

Come With Me To *BOTH* Of My Favorite Dollar Trees 💕PHENOMENAL NEW ITEMS 💕 Must See❤:

Dollar Tree Haul & GAP Clearance Haul~ Oct 3:

Come With Me to a few Trees 💕PHENOMENAL NEW ITEMS 💕 Must See❤:

Come With Me To a Few Dollar Trees AND Dollar General/ NEW ITEMS:

Dollar Tree Haul *PLUS *Dollar Tree Cute Night Light DIY/Bonus Ending/ Sept 29:

Dollar Tree Haul ❤ WONDERFUL NEW ITEMS ❤ Sept 27:

LARGE Dollar Tree Haul*DIY Ideas & Storage Ideas/ Sept 26*:

Come With Me To BOTH Of My FAVORITE Dollar Trees +1/ AMAZING NEW ITEMS *Sept 25:

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23 thoughts on “Come With Me To 4 Dollar Trees & My Favorite DT/ FANTASTIC NEW ITEMS

  1. 👍👍👍🤗🐶🐕🐾😁🇺🇸

  2. When does dollar tree stock there items?

  3. The pink Angel I hope I can find TFS ☺☺☺

  4. Wow Jenny TFS, great new items 👍 take good care, be well. Maddy N Y 😎

  5. Love This Video! Love all the Christmas tins! 😍

  6. So many awesome new items!
    Thanks for taking us with you Jenny!
    Hope you're having a beautiful day!

  7. Jennifer I have wondered for a long time, are you connected to Dollar Tree? I love dollar tree and sometimes it sounds like you are associated with this store, kkep posting dollar tree

  8. went back and listened again to make sure I heard you right ….. 3 dollars for a candle at the Dollar Tree? The same candle at my DT is only a dollar.

  9. Besides the autumn candle being great…was wondering if they had the rose gold angel wings this year??

  10. Love love those Xmas containers n gift bags! Thanks for sharing n hope you have a wonderful day too!

  11. Thank you for taking me to the Dollar Trees, Jenny!! They are all awesome👍😃 So are your doggies😘 Again, thanks and God bless🙏🤞

  12. I’m loving all the Christmas tins. Hope we get them. The scarves are cute too. I’m obsessed with the new Christmas flower picks, hoping for those too. I have a big wish list.😂🤣🤞🏻

  13. Hope to find stackable Christmas bowls.Thanks for letting me tag along. Have a blessed night. Hugs

  14. I'm going to get the tins for little care packages for my family. I'm really excited for the new ornaments. 🎄

  15. We have some of the items!💜

  16. Hello 👋 totally a awesome 👏 find thanks for sharing your video

  17. To early for Christmas that's just me

  18. i love it, i wouodnlove to have some stacable bowls

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