Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas | Christmas Decor 2019

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas | Christmas Decor 2019

Superb Christmas Tree Decorating for 2019! Christmas decoration ideas and how to decorate a Christmas Tree using decor from Dollar Tree, Michael’s and AtHome Store. I show how I decorated a beautiful Christmas Tree in 7 easy steps that work for any style and give a few Christmas tree decorating tips. Neutral, traditional or rustic Christmas styles can use these Christmas decorating ideas and tips to create a designer looking Christmas tree on a dollar store budget. I hope you are able to find some helpful tree decorating tips and Christmas decor inspiration in this video!

⬇️ DIY Dollar Tree ornaments ⬇️

⬇️ Michael’s Christmas Tree Decor ⬇️
🎄Eucalyptus & berry pick

⬇️ AtHome Christmas Decor ⬇️
🎄 Burlap ornaments–set-of-5/124151412.html

🎄 Snowball ornaments

🎄Rope Rattan Ornament

🎄Wood Bead Garland

🕰 Clock above my Mantle

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42 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas | Christmas Decor 2019

    For everyone asking for a home tour! Much love & Merry Christmas ❤ -Megan

  2. I love your style you do a real good job

  3. Now that is how to decorate a Christmas tree!!! You don't just talks about balancing everything then throw it on!!! AND you are dressing all the sides of your tree. What a full tree with so much interest and l love the traditional Christmas color pallet. I've watched a bunch of mom/DIY channel who all got free trees and all the decorations to fill them. What a wonderful gift I'd enjoy that so much. But l was so underwhelmed with what they did with them, it's difficult to make such perfect Christmas products look bad, but these Ladies managed too. Great to see at least one done well.
    Merry Christmas to you and your little helpers. 🎄🎆🎄🎆🎄

  4. I LOVE your tree!! So gorgeous! I love bargains!! Will watch 'em all! Thanks!

  5. Totally in love with it!! So grateful to find you after happily binging mediocre DIY xmas decorating vlogs for 3 days. Ur pro art asthetic and matter of factness is top shelf. The comic relief along with commitment to not spending a fortune but making it look like it is much appreciated. Hooked.

  6. I love your tree It's beautiful Megan!!!!❤Home tour my friend home tour in remodeling my home started it my hubby and I .. Its not much progress happening with a 12 yr old son. You my friend are killing it with your DIY'S…. Your tree is beautiful! Can't wait to see more DIY'S and home tour!!!!❤🎄🎁🎅❤Thanks for sharing happy holidays friend….❤🎁🎅🎄🎄❤

  7. Where did you get your polka dot slippers/shoes? ALSO, that tree is GORGEOUS!!!

  8. Love this! Instead of a tree skirt, we bought a half barrel planter from Christmas tree shop, stained it a dark brown, and put our tree stand inside it! Gorgeous rustic look and under $20!

  9. How did you make the music sheet ornament?? For some reason I'm not feeling the link ?? Sorry.. they are so cute!!

  10. That's was good. I got a silver tree I don't know or what to decorate it..I'm thinking about buying a real tree

  11. You remind me of my self sooo much…. 😂 I do my Xmas tree exactly the same way…. Steps are necessary! I love your videos! Your tree is absolutely beautiful btw …

  12. I am obsessed 😭😍 I did a white Christmas tree this year, but boy am I wishing I hadn’t 🥺 I love all your DIY’s! I’ve been watching them all day! You go girlll 💛

  13. Candlesticks look like ones from Ikea! Now off to finish the video ….

  14. Your tree is beautiful! Your adorable kids were big helpers! I really enjoy your videos! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the white stockings with the faux fur. Where did you find them?

  16. wow beautiful…yes please do show us some more..

  17. Btw whatever u want is fine with me , ur doing something right on ur channel so u decide okay…🎄🎁🐻🎆✨🎇

  18. YOU are the cutest thing! THANK you for your fantastically creative brain! <3

  19. Like all u shared so far! Great job!

  20. I love the tree!! Amazing job!!

  21. Good Morning ☀️ I came cross your channel last night….. Fell asleep on your channel last night and here this morning! I love you channel!!! 💙🧡💙 Hope we can be friends!!! I’m working on my 🎄 decoration now. OMG you gave me soo many ideas!!💡 🥰🥰🥰 I love #DIY’s Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. LOVE YOUR VIDEO AND ENTHUSIASM it is BEAUTIFUL but I think the bow in the middle of the fireplace could be bigger to match more with your tree.

  23. Rather see the "home tour/what you got" than the other video. Beautiful tree, by the way. You always explain everything so well.

  24. Show me what you got during house tour … love the tree. Getting inspired to begin decorating tomorrow. Just found your channel tonight. Good stuff.

  25. lee

    27 people don't like christmas trees

  26. Thank you for breaking that down! I really had no clue there were certain ways to get your tree up that makes it look the best it can be! Yours is absolutely beautiful! I'll take whatever you want to do but would prefer Christmas deals! Thank you!!

  27. Your tree looks so nice, I love it

  28. Home tour, show us what you got!

  29. Just thought you should know, as we watched this Kieran insisted it was me and not Megan. Guess we still look alike 😂

  30. Show the Bargains! Your Dollar Tree DIY’s are awesome! Thanks for all the ideas. I will definitely be making the song book ornaments.

  31. “If not, there’s an option for you too” 😂😂😂😂 You are one of my favorites! 😍

  32. Show me what you got and a home Love your tree its beautiful!!

  33. Don't worry about your focus face, I have found out that we all have the same one lol
    Gorgeous Christmas Tree very fluffy I'm going to try it your way and do it as i go instead of my usual put it up and throw decorations on it. Thank you for the video and the inspiration. Big love to you and yours this festive season 💖🎁

  34. Just show me what you got and I would love to see what you have made with what you bought.

  35. I love your tree, DIY's and home tour please.

  36. Please show us where you shop and what you get. I love those videos!

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