Christmas Stores 2018

Christmas Stores 2018

Superb Welcome to Christmas Stores 2018, where we filmed what your favorite stores had to offer for the Christmas season and mashed it into one video! We went to a total of 10 different stores and filmed a grand total of 1 hour worth of footage.

So grab your favorite snack and sit back as we show you all that the stores had to offer for Christmas this year!

Here’s a complete list of all 10 stores that we filmed in this video:

– Bed Bath & Beyond (00:00:13)
– Big Lots (00:02:53)
– CVS (00:05:34)
– Family Dollar (00:11:06)
– Kmart (00:12:40)
– Lowe’s (00:20:04)
– Sears (00:28:03)
– Target (00:32:54)
– The Home Depot (00:39:58)
– Walmart (00:58:24)

If you’d like to see a particular store, click on the accompanying timestamp next to it.

Have a Happy Holidays everybody!

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