Christmas Has Arrived @The Dollar Tree Aug 23rd

Christmas Has Arrived @The Dollar Tree Aug 23rd

Wonderful Just thought I would show you what’s hitting the shelves and many more items to be put out. Now I know its early but I have learned…if you see something you like grab it then and now because it might be gone on your next trip. I’ll be posting another video today.

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48 thoughts on “Christmas Has Arrived @The Dollar Tree Aug 23rd

  1. Umm… To all those complaining about Christmas items being put out “So Early”, It’s because those are Crafting Supplies… NOT ready made Decor!?! 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Every major Craft Store always puts out supplies mid Summer and in the Crafting World We call it “Christmas in July”. Therefore, the Dollar Stores are very smart to use the same strategy as what the big Craft Stores do. They do this so that Crafters can start making their projects, in order to be ready to sell at Holiday Fairs or give as Gifts. IMO, I wish retailers would keep it out all year!

  2. I noticed your Dollar Tree still has pkgs. of 3 tin words next to Christmas stuff in your video. My email is If you could buy me 2-3 pkgs. I will pay for them plus shipping plus whatever you want for your time. Please contact me.

  3. I keep missing you videos i love to be

    I keep missing your shows I catch them when the are days old but I do enjoy them since I have retired

  4. Man im still waiting for all there Halloween stuff.

  5. It’s getting more ridiculous every year !! It’s literally still summer . Not even fall . Enough of this !!!

  6. No! Not Christmas already! They are kinda pushing the holidays aren't they? Well to be honest I think most department stores and drugstores get their Christmas stuff out before Halloween.. SMH.. Oh well. I have mixed feelings about that. Anyway thanks for sharing your Dt with us..

  7. YAY……….I'm excited!!!! 🙂
    Deb….. 🙂 xoxo

  8. Wow Christmas—I haven't even shopped for fall—-great new things!! Hugs to you, Jenny💚 👍👍 💕

  9. What a pleasant surprise. A lot of people on YT are making gorgeous Christmas ornaments already. Those bags of gems can cost $5 in other stores. You must have hard working Dollar Tree workers to put all that out.

  10. Those snow globes are new never seen them

  11. Not that I mind Christmas being in the stores. It could be there in June for all I care, I mean I love Christmas, BUT, my store hasn't even gotten in all the Fall and Halloween stuff yet 😢

  12. Hi Jenny, I went to DT today and they are pulling out the Christmas decor too 👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Awesome can get started on diys n gifts yesss. Thank You for sharing.

  14. 🌟🌟🌟HEY JENNY🌟🌟🌟 I tried to find you on Instagram, or Facebook to send you a private message without any luck before posting this comment. I have a question. In one of your DT hauls, a few videos ago, you hauled the Rubbermaid small space totes for the second time. I was able to get them the day after you hauled them the first time (Im very fortunate that my Dads ex girlfriend is a DT manager. I tell her what I want, and she calls me the day it comes in! SCORE! 🤩👍) So with that said if my memory serves me right, you mentioned in the second haul, that you painted, I assume spray painted the bins. Is that correct? How are they holding up? Did you use primer, or sand them at all before hand? I know certain plastics an be a real BEACH to adhere paint to. I want to paint mine. But there's no point if they wint last. I'd rather have a bunch of clean matching pink ones, than a bunch of chipping, crappy looking ones! I appreciate the info!!! Thank you!!!

  15. No no no Noel! It’s just too early. I’m not a Scrooge, but come on DT. Thanks Jennifer for the info.

  16. I've been looking for those metal words here where I live and no luck . I so want them

  17. I wish they wouldn’t put this out early. When I’m ready to buy it there is nothing left. I did see some items I liked though.

  18. Lol. My head is spinning. Aren't we in August? By the way, does your DT still carry the boxed invitation set?

  19. I like Christmas but this is crazy! What's their rush?

  20. How do you add music and edit your Dollar Tree video you must be video recording from your phone upload it to your computer and edit that way

  21. Oh lord I’m still searching for football season party decor and Halloween stuff and your store is on Christmas 😲

  22. I love when they put out the decorations early, especially for crafting!!! Love your videos!!!


  24. They put it so fast can we enjoy each season first instead each week a different holiday. I want to enjoy it and decorate not be pushed an get anxiety. Lol.

  25. J T

    My store has just started stocking for Christmas, not much there yet.  I'm so ready for Fall that I've started decorating with my DIYs already.  It won't cool down here until late Dec, if we're lucky.  Sob!

  26. Ready for all holiday i have two tree in my closet ready to decorate….. yes to dollar tree you rock

  27. My DT is just getting out the Halloween decor

  28. Too soon for this, can't deal lol

  29. Awesome always good for the Crafters!!!!

  30. Wow! Now that's cool! I received the book today. Thank you so much! ❤😘❤

  31. My dt doesnt have out o e thing for fall or halloween, let alone Christmas.

  32. Hello my name is Nellie I just subscribed to your channel you have some great dollar tree hauls thanks for sharing 😊

  33. Jenny thank you for sharing your Christmas Haul Arrived at the Dollar Tree Aug 23 love watching it love you Ava Alex Ruby Ella Josie you all have a wonderful and Fantastic Thursday Afternoon

  34. Thanks Jen that was very nice to see the D.T.stocked up ,now I need to go shopping💖Yay God bless 🙏Margaret from Florida🌴🌴👍

  35. I love this! 😀 I'll be grabbing those empty ornaments! Thank you for posting the video!

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