Christmas Gear ONLY Fishing Challenge (Walmart)

Christmas Gear ONLY Fishing Challenge (Walmart)

Great In this bass fishing challenge I’m in Walmart & can ONLY used Christmas themed fishing gear!!

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20 thoughts on “Christmas Gear ONLY Fishing Challenge (Walmart)

  1. Little late…I know lol. Happy New Year!!! 😂🤣

  2. I rock one of those abu Garcia black max reels on both my ugly stick casting rods and love em

  3. It was 75 in the town that I'm in on Christmas Eve

  4. salt water fishing in Pensacola, Mobile or Panama

  5. G L

    Do a live bait challenge with a bluegill

  6. I wanna see lojo Chase the elusive tiger musky

  7. You should do a garage sale fishing challenge

  8. Silver and Gold are nice colors too

  9. Loved the vid but typical LoJo show. Missing fish lol. Gotta say that. Keep the vids coming bro. Happy New Year a lil late but better late than never.

  10. The fishing sections in Walmart's in Louisiana are buttcheeks… unless it's just the one by me

  11. Christmas lights are red, blue, yellow, and orange. So you were real close at picking lures. Great video.

  12. The XFinity is a pretty good reel to be that cheap and I like it more than some more that I have that are more expensive

  13. What a great video 😄🔥🔥🔥

  14. Need more fishing gear, cant wait for fishing season here in Wisconsin

  15. Thanks for the mystery tackle box hookup been watching for a while finally subscribed and remembered your code 👌🏼

  16. Just came across one of your videos tonight and was instantly hooked. Not sure where you guys are from. But you ever get to eastern pa. I'll take you to some good fishing spots. We have some of the best smallmouth fishing up on the susquehanna river. Btw I loved the Christmas combo haha well done !!!

  17. I want to like your channel so bad man, honestly. But these wallmart challenges… I just can't watch anymore man sorry

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