Christmas Clearance | Dollar General Penny shopping 2019 | Thrifting | Ebay Sales

Christmas Clearance | Dollar General Penny shopping 2019 | Thrifting | Ebay Sales

Great Christmas Clearance | Dollar General Penny shopping 2019 | Thrifting | Ebay Sales
Dg Dollar General after Christmas clearance 50% off my flippin life stumbles on dg clearance while penny shopping for the Christmas Eve penny list penny shopping and then goes over some eBay sales and goodwill flips
Dollar General penny list December. Dollar General Penny List 2019 THIS IS A HUGE Penny list for dollar general My Flippin Life tells you this weeks Penny list and surprise penny items for 12/24/19 This is a huge Penny List and will be some amazing hauls. There are 100’s of items on this weeks list but it is a good list to start if you are new to Penny Shopping In Dollar General. Penny List December 2019 . You can literally go in the store on Tuesday and purchase penny items for a penny. I love the thrill of the hunt do you? Do you love penny shopping dollar general 2019? Let’s see what items we need to find to learn how to penny shop 2019 in a dollar general. Be sure to stop back every week for the brand new Dollar General Penny Shopping List. Please keep in mind Penny Shopping is a secret so do not go ask the dollar general employees about the penny list or to help you find penny items. There is no “penny deals” so do not bug the employees they will not assist you in finding these items you must do your research and know what you are looking for before you enter the store. Feel free to download the dollar general penny shopping app and you will be all set on Tuesday these items will ring up just ONE PENNY good luck and happy hunting!

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19 thoughts on “Christmas Clearance | Dollar General Penny shopping 2019 | Thrifting | Ebay Sales

  1. I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and were able to score some huge DG hauls

  2. Now Jan 1 coming up they are.30 should have waited

  3. God bless you and your family and another great video and I hope you and your family had a great Christmas keep them great videos coming and wow man that is awesome you did really good with the items you sold great video and I send you and your love ones lots of blessings always 👍👍

  4. Another good video man. Keep putting in the hours until your haters ask if your hiring. Catch you on the flip.

  5. Whos going to help me eat all this dam Fruitcake ? 🥮

  6. The football shaped snack bowls I found were still in the football section (I live in Arkansas, so they were with all the Razorback items).

  7. I've been going to stores I haven't been to yet, found quite a few yellow dot toys at one store, most of them on top shelves. 1 was an Easter plush on an eye level shelf. I also saw a good number of blue dot toys at that one, hoping they'll be there when they penny. It's a DG GO store too, so extra bonus that I don't have to worry about a cashier saying "can't sell" or anything like that.

  8. I almost organized the whole clearance section at one store, because it's very difficult to look for stuff if it's all on top of everything else and will fall on the floor. I found a Halloween "Beware" sign that didn't have a tag/sticker but got it anyway, and a little packet of LOL erasers (not the brand LOL, but the letters) that had clearance sticker but had pennied! Oh, and got one of the football wall hanging things from that clearance aisle. It was a lot of work for just 3 penny items, oh well, maybe I'll get some good karma lol.

  9. The 🏈 paper plates napkins small paper plates didn't penny yet

  10. I love. Your video chat me ples

  11. The football plates weren't a penny l scanned them.

  12. The health dept. shut down my local dg and when they opened back up after few weeks they had sooo many penny items sitting. I missed it tho… 🙁 so sad

  13. Maybe try that nail polish @ the 1st store for your wife.

  14. I hope you had a wonderful CHRISTmas! I got too much penny shoes (123) and Harvest (177) lol 2 shopping carts of each lol. (shoes cost me zero, manager said not to put them thru the register eek) Cashier where we got the Harvest was calling other stores as she checked me out telling them to pull the Harvest hahaha. We already had enough hahaha.
    I will pick up loot bags if I see them. I discovered strange things this week. One store has NO shoes, One store has NO clothes, Two of our 5 stores only had 1 aisle of toys and 1/2 aisle of decorations. One is half food.I found that strange.
    Great job on your sales!!!

  15. At ross the third week in January they are going to have a lot of things like for 49 cents it’s not as cheap as a penny but still a good sale. Maybe I can find a dress or something I will need a plus size there the regular dresses aren’t going to fit.

  16. I got green square shoes at least I couldn’t find anything else.

  17. One goodwill is somewhat overpriced

  18. I found a random yellow dot toy yesterday

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