[CB] Globalization Has No Future, A New Economy Is Coming Into The Light – Episode 2058a

[CB] Globalization Has No Future, A New Economy Is Coming Into The Light –  Episode 2058a

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Report date: 12.30.2019

Under the [CB] system the average loses his/her ability to get ahead, the system was designed this way, the system keeps the majority of people struggling. As the system breaks down more and more people have a tough time affording homes, cars, and products. Trump and the patriots are now reversing the globalists [CB] system by creating a people’s system.

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Intro Music: YouTube Free Music: Warrior Strife by Jingle Punks

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28 thoughts on “[CB] Globalization Has No Future, A New Economy Is Coming Into The Light – Episode 2058a

  1. Inflation is their number one way to steal your assets! Stop borrowing money to buy things! It's seriously expensive to take on debt! You pay interest as well as inflation! Who gets it? The bankers! If you in addition happen to default on your payments in a financial crisis, they come for your home-automobile-RV and everything else as well! They don't care about you in the least! It's time you realize this! Peace and love ereryone! <3

  2. They pushing hard right now…

  3. The U.N. is a terrorist organization.

  4. When credit cards first came out, they were difficult to get. Now?

  5. Central Bank is fraud! The more paper they create the deeper into debt they get!! It's all a fraud and Trump is going to expose them!

  6. They've been draining off our Liberty and cursing U.S. with it like a comic book. I'll blow thier eardrums out running them down & tear them apart like a Kodiak, Yashua👌.

  7. I think Planet X, Nibiru, is the reason why the deep state & the Dems are so lawless & openly corrupt right now. This video from John Moore spells it out:

  8. Pres Trump is doing God's work and he will succeed! I cant wait for the first arrests, and the take down of the cb criminal structure!

  9. One thing bothers me greatly. A podcast titled "A Call for an uprising" claims that Trump is part of the deep state. Now that doesn't make sense. But something else doesn't make sense….if Trump is such a threat to the cabal and globalists, l would think his life would be in great peril. He's an extremely public president, and I'm certain he's made ppl with means quite angry, naturally so when you mess with their finances, however ill gotten. I need guidance on this, but not from humans.

  10. Thank you good and faithful servant 😍❤️👍🇺🇸😎🙏🥰

  11. Dave, you are awesome… just saying 🙂

  12. New economy, let guess today no wait next week. How about next year when the arrest happen. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Judicial Watch: (-:
    Tom Fitton on DOJ’s Criminal Probe: We Don’t Need More Reports, We Need Prosecutions

  14. Thomas Williams best Intel, op-eds,truth.

  15. K.I.M.S. new quantum system. Total transparency. No more theft from the DS criminals. Kim GOGEHN Trustee of MANNA WORLD HOLDING TRUST. BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE FOR HUMANITY PROJECTS. Thomas Williams Truth Honor Integrity FB Speaker, YouTube Tommy Williams. Be Speakproject with Tank. Tells you all about it.

  16. cost of living HAS to come down ! when gas went up , so did everything else – it's gone down , but NOTHING else has !!!

  17. What's to stop the Rothchilds from printing currency for themselves? Now I heard they just bought a majority stock majority in the biggest weather network, Weather Central LP. Why? Because they can predict the weather they create making it look legit. These people put all their energies into how to control the world instead of bettering humanity.

  18. Thank you Dave, Happy New Year, God Bless us ALL!!!

  19. I use the payment plan with Publishers Clearing House. Made our Christmas gifts
    affordable. But I do not do any other payment plans for anything.

  20. Happy New Year Dave yo you and your family, Q, our fantastic President Trump and to all Patriots near and far.
    🇱🇷❤️WWG1WGA ❤️🇱🇷

  21. Dave Tell people there is no more Central Bank….K.I.M.S. took over Swift..Key Integrated Monetary System…The FED does not exist and this info has been told over and over…..The Fed is not licensed or re-chartered. Every institution, IMF UN, Fed, and all banks have zero or negative liquidity….It is the OLD Cabal trust where they all got free money via Rothtilian printing press that has stopped printing money since June 15, 2011…finalized 2012 becasue the Fed contract was only 99 years….Hopefully by end of January 2020 there will be a surprise…….grab some more popcorn

  22. In the mean time..some of us have lost everything twice over…what's the remedy for that?

  23. I learn so much from this channel, thanks a lot Dave!

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