CATS The Musical Challenge: Bring the Heat – Google Trends Show

CATS The Musical Challenge: Bring the Heat – Google Trends Show

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Bah! You call this a proper Broadway musical?! If I wanted to see a bunch of poorly groomed layabouts slinking around in filth and giving each other AIDS, I’d just watch RENT.

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27 thoughts on “CATS The Musical Challenge: Bring the Heat – Google Trends Show

  1. I went and compared "faux fur" (which is fake fur) and it beat out "fur coat" by a nose

  2. As someone also from the ‘live music capital of the world’, it’s true no one wants to go out anymore

  3. Don’t be fooled Chris is still in hell thats an imposter, trendmaster term for music was cat Stevens, it wasn’t but it should have been

  4. Damn James you're looking pretty small sitting next to Blaine

  5. God fucking dammit I guessed there must've been history between Blaine and Alanah, and I was right!

  6. I can't believe James lost the Cats based Google trends like wtf is countdown to cats for then

  7. There should be more video for buckbuck

  8. Missed the opportunity to use "fur elise" lol

  9. Blaine looks like young buff Hugh Jackman

  10. 17:43 I bet I could guess Bruce’s favorite type of cat.

    A pussy cat! Hur hur hur!

    RIP Bruce

  11. Is there footage of James and Blaine kissing?

  12. That's really too bad this show went backwards when Lawrence stopped being Trendmaster. It also makes sense why it really never shows up anymore in FHTV. I like Alanah, but Lawrence seemed to care a lot more about the show.

  13. Because of this I’m getting ads for Cats lol

  14. There actually was a tie before! After the last round the scores were equal but the episode ended there rather than by an epic tie breaker round

  15. I am STUNNED no one said "Pussy" cat.

  16. Bombay cats are the best. You can teach them to fetch 👍

  17. What a terrible release date for Cats, Witcher comes out on the same day

  18. Why Alanah has one eyebrow darker then the other?

  19. What's with Alanah's racism in that one bit at 12:07?

  20. They should've said furries

  21. This video is why they say don't shit where you eat. Alanah shouldn't have took a big juicy dating shit all over her food work.

  22. Alanah is quite a bitch for be fair

  23. Has James EVER won a game of Google Trends? I root for him every time

  24. youtube music was so close to google music and would have been way better!

  25. Oh..shit.buck buck, you look..god..i need a moment..

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