Catch and Cook WILD BEAVER!!! | BEYOND SURVIVAL | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2017 | S02E04

Catch and Cook WILD BEAVER!!! | BEYOND SURVIVAL | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2017 | S02E04

Superb After multiples attempts to trap a NUISANCE beaver that is causing flooding and damaging nearby forests and flooding new tree growth, we finally get what we’re looking for!

Remember that trapping wildlife is important when it causes the destruction of other natural habitat including flooding out trees. Beavers can be very destructive and they need to be managed or people will lose their homes and roadways.

Is it too late to push up back from the brink of starvation and get our energy and weight back up? Watch to find out!

This entire series is about catch n cook!

Welcome to Season 2 of The Wilderness Living Challenge. As last year, the rules are simple, come out as heavy or heavier than going in to crown ourselves victors.

This year we decided to be more mobile and we came in ready with a plan. Find out if we can put turn a year’s worth of experiments and learning into success and thrive in our epic journey of survival!

I’m joined by Jeremy, One Wildcrafter:

and Adam Craig Outdoors:

The Wilderness Living Challenge 2 – 2017 – Full Line Up

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32 thoughts on “Catch and Cook WILD BEAVER!!! | BEYOND SURVIVAL | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2017 | S02E04

  1. I don't have a line. If you eat one thing, you might as well eat the rest if it tastes good. However I personally wont eat animals like horse, cat, domestic dog, or wolf. Reason why for the first three is because it's kinda weird to me and would feel kinda wrong though it really isn't, just mental cultural programming that I wont get rid of. The wolf has it's own reasons.

  2. We live in a fallen world rules by the law of death. Something innocent has to die for another to live. It's not fair, but that is what Adam chose. A world ruled by death

  3. I would recommend you show us how you killed it and not just skip that part thats what we came for.

  4. Cows chicken, pigs, are mass PRODUCE and certain WILDLIFE DO NOT reproduce as MUCH as DOMESTICATED animals!!! If wildlife is hunted down too much then other animals that prey on them have have nothing to hunt.

  5. "it's a little weird, but it's worth it" lol 🤙🏽

  6. Wil beavers build dams with deasonally fallen dams, especially birch and willow trees. I think the meat will be very good even though I haven't had c chance to try it yet

  7. Tai sao lai giết nhung con vật đang yeu vô tội này.. Chúng thật dễ thương

  8. Hey what's the egg shaped float you used to catch that rainbow?

  9. How dare you guys kill an animal that lived free and did what it loved upon its last moments! Haha, honestly great video 👍

  10. Почти весь ролик ниочем. Пустая болтовня. Мудаки

  11. I bet the mosquitoes were killer after that rain. Idk about most, but I get fucked up. Good video!

  12. A quem dera muito legal amigos, eu viveria isso pelo menos tate eu morrer kkkkkkk isso que é luxo.
    Saludos desde brazil

  13. Khotay da Lun v khavay a.

  14. Hunting your own meat is the ultimate organic market, and I much rather hunt my own food killing it humanely than eating mass slaughtered meet.

  15. قندوس حلال ولا حرام ؟؟؟؟؟
    شكوكو جاوبوني تعيشوو

  16. I'm hungry now….had dinner just 2 hours ago….

  17. These two knuckle heads are going to wind up getting sick from eating animals that no one knows if the animal is sick

  18. These guys got the Beaver fever

  19. "Smoke our beaver"…love that quote! That could go sooo many ways. Lbvs. Im using that.

  20. Them fuckers would die in the woods behind this house my house..☺☺

  21. Watching 2nd full season full stop. 3rd time over…

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