Catch and Cook ARMADILLO & LEPROSY! Ep14 | GRASS TORPEDOS! South Texas Survival Challenge

Catch and Cook ARMADILLO & LEPROSY! Ep14 | GRASS TORPEDOS! South Texas Survival Challenge

Superb The goal of The Wilderness Living Challenge Season 3 survival series is to GAIN or MAINTAIN body mass living only on 100% WILD FOODS! In this episode we track down armadillo in South Texas to turn it into a meal catch and cook style using a very simple armadillo recipe. My Gear (Shop and Support):

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Unlike Naked and Afraid, ALONE, or Survivorman, there is no limit to the tools we are allowed to use. Living off just WILD foods is harder than you think!

In this episode we track down armadillo in Texas using a catch net, as well as a 22 LR. I will teach you how to stalk, sneak, and catch them with a simple catch net. We look at the armadillo habits, their eyesight, terrain, habitat, and hearing and burrows. Catching armadillo is more challenging than you think! This is a how to catch an armadillo!

We hunt FERAL hog too.

We fish for catfish, alligator gar, long nose gar and drum, crawfish, crawdads, or yabbies, ghost shrimp, bluegill, rio grande perch, armored catfish, flathead catfish, blue catfish, alligator, freshwater clams, leopard Frog.

All wild foods are on the menu!

We seek out wild edibles including prickly pear cactus pads or nopal, cactus fruit or tuna, wild onions, mulberries, wild grape, Texas persimmons, pecan and anacua, mulberry, tasajillo, turks cap, yucca pods, cats briar, oion, chili pequin, duck weed, ground cherries, desert hackberry.

Season 2 of The Wilderness Living Challenge:


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48 thoughts on “Catch and Cook ARMADILLO & LEPROSY! Ep14 | GRASS TORPEDOS! South Texas Survival Challenge

  1. I never know that animal so called armadillo or armour dillo can be eaten by human..

  2. Wes reminds me of my grandpa, man I can't explain how much I miss him

  3. That Animals Is Rare Why Are You Eat The Rare Animals????

  4. Booo!!!!! Booooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sau lại cho người này giết động vật hoang dã, lại còn được đăng tải lên youtube👎👎

  6. Its the best way to live life Peaceful, easy ,content and free!..

  7. Just got back from doing a three day survival challenge catch and cook. We ate armadillo and raccoon. I cleaned the armadillo with my bare hands (wasn’t smart )and I cooked it on the flame like you would chicken breast or a drumstick. Hopefully I don’t catch the disease but I’m not that worried about it honestly

  8. Man I trapped one and I handle it to get it out if the trap with gloves and I was paranoid I got leprosy 😂😂😂

  9. Quando eu morava na serra caçava alguns tatus .aqui no Brasil. é muito bom comer ele frito também!

  10. Can roast that armadillo with the shell on, it'll pop right off when cooked right

  11. I'm here for the Cornbread story.

  12. You already have leprosy you lack melanin you got egg yolks on your skin in the sun dummies

  13. White people eat anything just to eat it

  14. a friend was chasing one across a field horseback lol….. it darted underneath the horse and about that time it jumped straight up and hit the horse hahaha the horse bucked off my friend and said no freekin way hahahaha. it was pretty funny

  15. Riquisimo el aramadillo o Tatu como le decimos en bolivia🇧🇴lo hacemos frito es mucho mas rico se siente el sabor de la carne sin nada de preparación!

  16. You look like rick grimes… 😂

  17. cute anaimals are hunting by them. why they eat them . 😭

  18. It's a rare animal and you just killed it. Shame on you.

  19. So dumb leprosy is such a bad disease good luck

  20. That was a good story about the corn bread recipe 😔😔

  21. Where is his unlisted channel at? Anyone wanna help me?…i really wanna see the process

  22. Isn’t eating one of those dangerous?since it can give u a deadly ancient disease?

  23. Your buddy is just throwing wood all around… Making things confusing.

  24. what' next? catch and cook elephant ?

  25. Your bold , there’s no way i would ever eat one of those things

  26. ArmaDILLO Uh….at first when I read the title I thought it said (NaUGhTy AduLt WoRd) ! But it didn’t so I guess I need glasses now

  27. If it is the end of the world Ill use these tips!

  28. What's the channel to watch the Amarillo be processed?

  29. Eu gosto de assistir seus video, mas não entendo vcs

  30. Saw a snake moving on right side of armadillo (frame 1:31)

  31. Those armadillos have some wicked claws. They can tear up your yard in one night looking for grubs.

  32. I cant find your channel that's more graphic

  33. 6.3k vegetarians disliked this video

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