California Clerk Wins Against Three Robbers

California Clerk Wins Against Three Robbers

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39 thoughts on “California Clerk Wins Against Three Robbers

  1. x50

    Who still sags their pants?
    I'm being told Negroes do… Ok that explains it.

  2. What allows clerks in California to have guns, either carried or behind counter? Is it because it's their property, so they could have guns on the store property but not when they leave?

  3. The clerk did a great job at concealment and changing position after shooting the creep .

  4. I'm ready to have a party to celebrate this win. I felt so good seeing this outcome. Quick thinking and excellent response from the defender.

  5. Dude was going to play a game of “whack a mole”, but instead of just popping up, he’d also be popping off at the bad guys. Well done.

  6. J D

    “Basic dude stuff.” —TMAC

  7. WHOOOO!!!!! BAKO!!! WHATS UP BITCHES !!!!!!! this was probably oildale or the east side….lol

  8. Does anyone else wonder if these criminals parents see these videos of their darling children robbing stores at gun point? For one of these guys, it's the last seconds of their life. How proud they must be.

  9. Taking the asphault temperature challenge?🤔
    The minds eye can see all😎

  10. Crime doesn't pay for what like less than 1000

  11. The clerk is lucky this was in Bakersfield. Up here in the Bay Area the clerk would be behind bars. Our DA demands you give all shooters free blowjobs.

  12. Upload your videos to Bitchute and LBRY. Please don’t ignore this. YouTube is going to screw you.

  13. Awesome clerk. Love him. (At least what little I know of him!)

  14. LUCKY!!! And great everything else, except the two that got away of course.

  15. I'd design a drill and kill house setup around this scenario and give free lessons to gas station clerks etc if I could. This is the kind of fight criminals expect and good guy training doesn't cover enough of or reflect accurately, IMHO

  16. It is California.

    Was the clerk charged with shooting the villian?

  17. We been having shooting all week here in Bakersfield. Well at least ones that make the news.

  18. Hey man, they black. Dasss rassisss

  19. And here is a prime example of once the gun comes out they fly. They are there to make you a victim any resistance with a firearm will make them scatter. The first guy in ran over his homie without a thought.

  20. did the guy shot in the face came out alive?

  21. first ever incident of "honor among thieves" drag your buddie's ass out.

  22. Was panic suddenly being paralyzed below the waist.

  23. The clerk knew corner camping does not pay when the enemy knows your location.

  24. The guy that got shot, probably wasn't his idea. It was the one that came in first and ran out first. F**king pussy

  25. The clerk shooting the perp in the face made my day, just like Dirty Harry!! Glad the clerk wasn't hurt, the perp got checked out to the morgue lol..

  26. I didn't know we could protect ourselves in California

  27. This happened in Bakersfield. The guy who didn't make it was named Darrin Freeman. The information that's been coming out is that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He'd only gone out to buy baby milk for his sick cat and walked in on this, otherwise he'd still have been safe at the prayer meeting. He was just about to graduate with a PhD in Cosmology, and already had several job offers to become a brain surgeon. The clerk is in big trouble; California strictly forbids gun ownership by law abiding citizens.

  28. Clerk saved the one guy from the embarrassment of running away with his pants around his ankles.

  29. I prepare myself for an armed encounter by regularly playing Call of Duty

  30. Rumor has it the other 2 were caught with their pants tied to their ankles

  31. Nice job on his part, he didn't stay in the one spot, he ducked, acted, then swiftly changed position

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