Buffalo Plaid Wreath / Facebook Live Replay / New Petal Method

Buffalo Plaid Wreath / Facebook Live Replay / New Petal Method

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Welcome to my YouTube channel. This video is a live I made on my Facebook page that you can follow here:

Learn how I took a 10″ wreath frame, poly burlap, and fabric mesh to accent this fabulous wreath.

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Online Stores I like to purchase supplies from:

1 – 10″ wire wreath frame
2 – rolls of 10″ Poly burlap – you will only need 38 pieces of this so you will have some left over.
1- roll of 10″ fabric mesh of your choosing
8″ zip ties
plastic canvas
Felt to cover the back – optional

Rope Style cording or ribbon from Hobby Lobby
cordinating felt
plastic canvas
glue gun

Thank you source

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39 thoughts on “Buffalo Plaid Wreath / Facebook Live Replay / New Petal Method

  1. Can't wait for the Carrot

  2. Love this wreath and would love to make. Can you please send links to what you purchased to make this wreath ? Thanks so much!!

  3. Just as easy as it looks! I am very happy with mine.

  4. How much of each color of the fabric mesh do you need to do this wreath? It is so pretty!

  5. How do you make angel wings

  6. Absolutely love it! Going to stock up on my materials and make this wreath for my sisters in Christ. Thank you! Very thorough and easy….you ROCK!

  7. So beautiful!! First time viewer!! Happy New Year!!🎊 2020!!

  8. If I wanted to use a 6 in wreath, would I make my squares smaller? I have a smaller door I want to hang a wreath on… it’s just decorative, the door…. lol

  9. love the basket dowel dispenser….

  10. New to your group and I just love this tutorial. I'm so excited to make mine. Thank you 😊

  11. Beautiful! What kind of wire cutters do you use?

  12. Your 1st link to amazon is not linking. Please recheck the typing to see if it is correct.

    You forgot the dot(.) in www.

  13. I've never tried a wreath like this. I love the fabric mesh compared to the regular mesh.
    I may give this a try.
    Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

  14. Where to get these materials when am in UGANDA

  15. Mesh 50% off at michaels I got my supplies and gonna try it after I watch again hope it comes out as pretty as yours 🤞🏻

  16. I love you video and I love this wreath. I am going to make this for myself and a friend. Is you amazon shop still open. I can't get the link to work. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Hello Julie! I am new to your channel and just saw this gorgeous wreath. I love this metal technique and just have to get going in making one. Soi glad that I found your channel and live that carrot! 💕🌼💕

  18. Love this wreath!! Will be making one for my door in pink!!!!

  19. How many rolls of buffalo do you need?and the plan ribbon

  20. I just discovered your channel. I love buffalo pkaid!! Thanks for sharing your talent!!!

  21. wiil this work with a 8 in wreath

  22. Fabulous presentation and finished wreath – totally inspired to make or gift to a special person.

  23. Are the things you covered your fingers with "rubber fingers"? Where did you get them?

  24. What kind of glue gun do you use and where did you get it? LOVE this method!

  25. I love this! I just found you tonight. Im going to do this. I love how you teach. ❤

  26. I am sending from Crownpoint, New Mexico and from the Navajo Nation.

  27. On a red and black buffalo check wreath, should I not use the dollar store red mesh? I am using fabric mesh.

  28. You do such a great job teaching. I am going to make one for my sons grave. Should I spray it with something?

  29. I'm relivitly new to your channel. I love your work.
    Yes you do need the finger protectors. I got my set at Amazon too. It included a silicon spatula, the finger protectors, a mat, and a round pointy tool. I use them all of the time and I love them !!!

  30. I am watching replay and I would love to ask a few questions if I could. I would love to make this wreath for my mom. She has Alzheimer’s and I am her round the clock caregiver. It’s hard to find something she would like just because she doesn’t comprehend much any more but I believe she would like this made with the red and black check. If you wouldn’t mind a few questions, please private message me at Lynn Smith. I know you are busy so I won’t keep you long. I’ll list my questions in case you could send me a quick answer.
    If I use red and black what would my second color be?
    My mom interrupted me while I was trying to watch but I think I can watch again when she goes to bed and hopefully understand how to do this.

  31. Wow! Beautiful! Watched replay, so happy to have found you 🙂 Love the position of your camera really inductive for learning !

  32. Just found ur channel and love ur wreath tutorials. Could you tell me the actual materials/colors u ordered for this wreath? I’ve been on website and found some that looks like it but ur plain color looks beige and buffalo plaid looks white. Is that the colors or is the plain considered white when ordering. The exact material would be nice.

  33. Julie,
    Would be helpful if you would use the blank wreath to show the placement if the ties when you get above the first layer.

  34. Love this wreath and will certainly try to make one

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