Budget Friendly Home Decor for Fall – Dollar Tree & Target Dollar Spot

Budget Friendly Home Decor for Fall – Dollar Tree & Target Dollar Spot

My apologies for the shaky video, I tried to use YouTube’s stabilization, but it made it worse! I am correcting this…hopefully be back to its original in a couple of hours.Thanks for your patience. Thanks Josie.

Hi everyone, here’s a decorate with me video, where I show you how I easily spruce up and switch my home’s decor from summer to fall. I used plenty of items from the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot to keep my expenses down to a minimum. I also have some DIYs on how to make them. Please check on DIY Craft Projects on my playlist to watch them.

DIY Dollar Tree Candelabra:

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Flower Arrangement:

3 DIY Dollar Tree Fall Decorations for Under $12

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DIY Planners:



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16 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Home Decor for Fall – Dollar Tree & Target Dollar Spot

  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! TFS, Liza :))

  2. Very nice home, wonderful simple transformation.

  3. your fall decor is beautiful have a beautiful blessed day

  4. Let me introduce myself as Ray Ninan from Dxb. i greatly appreciate ur creativity, Ur decorations r beautiful. Ur patience is remarkable I love decorations so can u show a complete home tour of all ur rooms. Where do u live. Once again thanks a lot for the above video. May God bless u n ur fly. Take Care. With prayers.

  5. Love your Spring decor and colors and how you changed it to be Fall. Beautiful home.

  6. You have a beautiful home, thanks for all the fall decorating Ideas!

  7. You have a love home all your decor is beautiful thank you for sharing

  8. Your home is just beautiful !!!! Love the decor ☺❤🍁🌺🍁🌺🍁🌺🍁

  9. very pretty, have a blessed day:)

  10. Love your sidekick🐶 i have one of my own Your home is beautiful!! TFS

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