Big Profit Item! Selling Rocks on eBay? Petrified Wood Haul

Big Profit Item! Selling Rocks on eBay? Petrified Wood Haul

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23 thoughts on “Big Profit Item! Selling Rocks on eBay? Petrified Wood Haul

  1. Hi,I am so glad I came across you videos,I have thing you talk about ,and had no idea what they were,I have tons of old stuff,but don't have much luck in finding what it worth,about the petrified wood, I just found two big pieces, I did a little research, and I believe, the wood can turn to opals, or jade,I believe mine is jade and petrified wood. Love your videos they are a lot of help.thanks.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing with us!!

  3. I have a piece of petrified wood there is about two 2 1/2 feet long pretty heavy about As thick As a Thigh And looks like a log how can I sell it and how much would something like this be

  4. did you know that almost every rock was once alive as a part of either a giant human, average size human or an animal and everything was killed instantly at the time of the ( alleged) great flood . You will be amazed at how many brains you have held in your hand without knowing it . My collection is getting big , i now have 9 brains , 7 hearts , many lungs, livers , kidneys , spleens , etc , its a great hobby , and i predict in the near future that these will be big sellers for collectors , even though they are everywhere

  5. I have 30 kg petrified wood I want to sale my stone wood who interested pls reply me

  6. I knew it! I call them petrified wood too … dad didn't believe me they're worth money….. sigh .. I wish Ebay would stop ** blocking me

  7. Where I from we call them kettlebottoms. My brother gets them for me all time. He is a coal miner. I have one that weighs little over 200lbs it took him and a few other men to carry it out from the mines. I collect them myself. He brings them to me all the time.

  8. I sold my # ticket for a huge rock sale .. I was #1 in line sold my # for ruffly 1500.00 …
    The whole lot cost 2500.00
    I did not have capital at the time and couldn’t buy the lot … I think there was ruffly 1000-2000 stones and fossils …
    But I missed out because there was some very expensive stuff in this home …
    Home of a avid time travel researcher ..
    Estatesales are where you find these large lots and rare interesting items/ fossils / rocks …
    One fossil in the lot sold for 5000.00 to the Boston museum of science..

  9. I only find small 2to 3 inch pieces u can see it's wood but it's rock 🕶️🚬

  10. I have a very strange, unique looking rock

  11. Where I live here in the UK when the sea tide is fully out there are the petrified remains of a 7000-year-old forest.

  12. If I send you a picture of a saving bank would you give me a value.thank you for your reply I I send you a picture o

  13. If I send you a picture of a saving bank would you give me a value.

  14. I love rock would have a hard time selling them.

  15. I live in Winslow, Az. and I've seen pieces a little larger than yours selling for a 1,000 bucks in the rock stores here.

  16. My late Aunt Rose was a rock hound, after turning 65 she became one of the most knowledgable people in the word on the subject of rocks and minerals, petrified wood, etc. After she died, her entire collection was donated to the University of Arizonan museum, at no cost.

  17. Hello, from wild and wonderful WV! I have found a bunch of different types of petrified wood since the flood of 2016 , small to larger pieces , I have plenty and can collect more bc there isn't a day in the creek that I don't find at least 3 pieces. If you're interested please let me know.

  18. I’ve got a ton of p-wood including a full round like yours but with more white color, some branches, some with purplish black, red, cream etc. nearly all has excellent growth ring patterns, some with knots and splintering, sap etc… most was found on my property and there’s still more to collect. An eBay store may not be a bad idea.

  19. I have a petrified w00d…i found it in the m0untain ..of phillippines

  20. lol color clarity consistancy with rock sales, pet wood is a mover, if your in arizona, nevada, oregon, or wahington, you can get this stuff for free out side use

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