BIG LOTS Christmas Decor & Haul 2019 | Christmas Farmhouse Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

BIG LOTS Christmas Decor & Haul 2019 | Christmas Farmhouse Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

Amazing Haul begins 9:40

Supplies I use often:
🎀 Krafty Life SHIRTS:


My Hot Glue Gun:


Mail us at:
2934 Dolphin Dr #1222
Elizabethtown, KY 42701

What I use to film

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37 thoughts on “BIG LOTS Christmas Decor & Haul 2019 | Christmas Farmhouse Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

  1. The candlesticks were not my favorite 🤔 They were too busy…and too covered in snow to really appreciate

  2. Some of their stuff is way overpriced imo. You can get cuter stuff at HL & for 50 off. I did buy some ornaments though. May your
    DIYS be merry & bright 😂 Tina

  3. I love the red door!! DIY??

  4. They shouldn’t expire until you open them for the cover girl foundation

  5. So pretty! You are a great artist!

  6. I love big lots but they are not once they were. I am shocked by a lot of their prices. They have gotten expensive.

  7. I'm also looking for the rustic cabin look, love it! Thanks for the big lots tour, love the selection, they are pricey, but some could be easily be diy-ed and would Love to see which pieces inspired you to diy!

  8. Faux wood bottom, popsicle sticks, dowels or cinnamon sticks… maybe

  9. i got that $6 Candle . It is the inspiration piece of my fall decor with all the pinks and burgundys. I decopauged my pumpkins with tiny pink and burgundy flowers. I also used pink and burgundy flowers on my wreaths. and my pillowcases, etc. lol!

  10. I loved the candlesticks you had mixed feelings for. I think they are beautiful.

  11. I love your crafts can't wait to see your Christmas diys,.

  12. I love elf's, but I cant come up with a farmhouse elf idea….. HELP!

  13. If you look on the back of your makeup products there should be something that looks like an open container with a number (6, 12, 18) that means once you open the container you have (whatever that number is) months until it expires!

  14. I think I'd like the candlesticks if the snow wasn't in them…made it so I couldn't see what was really inside! Nice red truck stuff at Big Lots though…

  15. Love your videos! Major score on foundation. Normally, not the right shade.

  16. They have some really pretty things. I think their prices are high on some of the those things. Thank you so much. ❤️😊

  17. Wonderful. I❤️Christmas. My favorite time of year. 💚🎄❤️🎄

  18. Big Lots items are expensive. I was surprised when I went and saw prices for Halloween n Fall. Thanks for taking us shopping. Can’t wait until you start your Christmas Crafts!

  19. I would like a centerpiece decor!

  20. Idk if someone already said but make up has a expire after opening date it looks like a little jar and has like 18m 6m or 9m in it. That number means that many months after opening it expires.

  21. I agree with you on the drugstore makeup. I go to Harmon and use coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond.

  22. You can make that barn you want with those dollar tree house frames that you picked up.

  23. I love those lamps! Such a great deal! I got one and use it under the cabinets on my kitchen counter, while I do have under the cabinet lighting I love the warm ambience the little lamp gives. Since you have 2 you may want to try one in your kitchen you may be surprised how much you like it. Thanks.

  24. Haha. That sign did look like it said "May your DIYs be Merry and Bright". Cute.
    I love the smell of a new baby dolls. It always makes me feel happy. I guess it's from the great memories of childhood!

  25. I see a dollar tree diy on that red hanging basket in our future! 😍

  26. So happy to see the vintage red truck and buffalo checks are back! Yay!

  27. Love Red Truck Christmas and Buffalo Plaid…some of the items were a little pricey though

  28. For the faux wood bottom piece, you could use a candle and cut into it to make it look like wood then stain or paint! It’s just an idea!! I love all of this stuff!!!!!

  29. I am 68 & I still love the smell of a new baby doll….one of my favorite smells!

  30. Okay, that’s it. I’m going to Big Lots on Sunday. 😂 and I didn’t like the candle stick holders. They looked very tacky. If they had way less of the fake snow in it, I think it would’ve been okay. I was interested in the buffalo check pillows. If they didn’t have anything on the back, I’d get them and use them all year and then flip them over when it’s Christmas time.

  31. Those candle holders are different but may clash with certain candles so I’d pass on them. The door is cute but I don’t decorate with them either. The basket I feel like you could recreate with some spray paint and picks and it would look just as nice. Hope this helps!

  32. Not a fan of the candle sticks. 😏

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