Great Hey guys!!!! In today’s video I’m sharing with you some recent candles from Bath and Body Works! I picked these items up when they were on sale a few weeks ago!! OH YEAHHHH!! Thank you so much for watching!! I love you!! Hope this video finds you having a Halloween Happy kind of day!
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38 thoughts on “BATH AND BODY WORKS HAUL 2020!! CANDLES!!

  1. I love sweet cinnamon pumpkin, leaves, and flannel. They all smell so good!! My new favorite is frosted cranberry. I'm not buying anymore candles for a while, though, because I still have a TON lol

  2. I was like, "Uh oh, this girl is gonna make me wanna go spend all my money." 😂😂 YUP.

  3. that red wax spiced apple toddy candle is the strongest candle i’ve ever had!! 🍎 ❤️

  4. I love this and please share your shade of lipstick..

  5. I'm loving all the videos!! Keep them coming! I can't wait for the vlog!! 🧡🖤🧡🖤

  6. Hi Sam I was also wondering if you be sending out Halloween happy mail? and if yes could you send me some Halloween Happy mail I really do enjoy getting snail mail in my mailbox.

  7. I love candle day in December! Just under $10.00 I should had got more for me but they were Christmas gifts. Cinnamon, apple and cranberry scents are my favorite for Christmas time.
    I always love to hear how you describe the scents to all the candles.

  8. Bath and Body Works do Halloween. They have candles, soap, and haunted houses candle luminary, candle holders., Wall flower plugs.

  9. I just bought the rose and lily refills. Anything rose scented is my favorite.

  10. I burn Pumpkin Spice all year 🎃🧡😊

  11. All year long halloween?🤔

  12. I've almost finished my Caramel Pumpkin Swirl 😞. Need some new candles now lol.

  13. This is the first year I didn't go to candle day. I have a bunch of candles still from last years candle day. YES!!! Frosted Cranberry is the best. I burn that one the most in December. Also sweet cinnamon pumpkin is such a good fall/Halloween scent. Did you see the Gather candle? It was in a black and gold glass. It also smells good.

  14. Sam even though they rule it as a summer candle I really feel it can work for the fall you really should try Boardwalk and if you have tried it yet don't be afraid to try pumpkin pecan waffles that to is amazing. Christmas scents i actually prefer the beautiful cozy bakery warmth of sugar snickerdoodle.

  15. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin has been my favorite for years and years! soooo fall-y 🍁🍂. Stay spooky 🖤🎃🖤🎃🖤🎃🖤🎃

  16. Great haul Sam! I had to work all day on candle day so my boyfriend went for me. I bought mostly gifts for others but for Christmas I really love fresh balsam, ‘it’s the season and twisted peppermint. Pretty standard, but my absolute favorite fall/winter candle they make is caramel pumpkin swirl. The Christmas version is called cinnamon caramel swirl. It’s the same candle just repackaged. I highly recommend you take a sniff next time there’s a sale. It’s so fragrant and has a really great scent throw. I’m with you, I feel like back in the day there used to be candle sales way more frequently! Miss those days! At least they still have good sales when they come around unlike yankee candle. Used to buy those all the time years ago too but the quality went down and the prices went up. At least there’s always BBW! 🥳

  17. I love burning candles to!!! Love the haul (:

  18. I paused your video just so I could go and light my sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle 🖤✨🎃

  19. I don't comment much, but just a thought since I know you talk about not being able to breathe well at times, and having problems with your asthma…but in my case, I discovered candles, wax melts and burning incense really aggravated my symptoms, especially that feeling of weight/pressure on my chest, and tightness in the throat. I miss all of the scented things, but since quitting them all, my asthma is much better controlled. Just throwing that out in case it may help in your case also. That being said, I do miss B&BW… 🙂

  20. Hi Sam, I have to laugh, I always want to try everything all at once after I get home.! I love this haul! So much fun. I am a citrus fragrance lover, lemon, peach, cinnamon, pine. I could spend a fortune in that store!! They have the best fragrances on the candles but they are so expensive, I am addicted to tart melts from Yankee Candle and Walmart has so many I love and they are not as costly for me. Thank you again for this awesome share and review!! Your hair looks amazing!! I love the cut on it, it looks like you have lightened it, just so pretty!! Have a beautiful evening!! =;)

  21. I've only gone in and smelled their candles. I always get scared out of that store because the associates wont leave me alone. Currently burning the Chilly Autumn Evening candle from Better Homes and Gardens.

  22. Love these videos Ghoulfriend! Xoxo

  23. Even when you are sick you are still cute as a button

  24. Fall items is my absolute favorite from B&BW! I found two Campsite Coffee candles at SAS for 75% off after Christmas! I got that and the Sugared Cranberry Cider body care too. A few months ago I got a body spray in Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla I love it. I just wish VS made body wash too.

    I burned Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin for two months straight. Now I’m burning Winter. ❤️

  25. I love Bath and Body Works and I totally know what you mean by Winter Candy Apple making you feel like a kid again. I get the same vibe! My absolute favorite candle fragrance ever is Mahogany Coconut from there. It’s like gloomy summer vibes. 😘. And Fresh Balsam is the PERFECT Christmas fragrance. It makes me think of Christmas at my parents house. ❤️

  26. Love that store. I try to limit my visits. So hard

  27. I just have to say I love this channel. I have been so sad sense Halloween ended which is weird for me. I'm usually ok with holidays ending and moving on but this year I just want Halloween all year around so I was thinking of making my 5th bedroom into my own little Halloween room with a couch and tv lol

  28. I mainly love the food scented ones from fall/winter but my main favorite is pumpkin cupcake 😍🎃

  29. I'm burning a Rae Dunn candle that I got for Christmas right now. The glass it's in says "Candle" on it. It's white (for winter) and it smells wonderful…Sugar Blush is the scent. The throw on her candles is fabulous. There is a wonderful vanilla candle in her line too. Some candle scents give me a head ache but Rae Dunn candles don't to that. I l also have a Colonial Candle from their Zen line that I'm burning…green tea and bergamot. I got these two candles at Marshall's and Home Goods. I love your hair and the candles you got. Did you get a candle from Target for Christmas with vetiver and cedar scent? I need to go back and watch your video!

  30. When u like the vid before it even starts! 🎃💚

  31. Sam how was your Christmas and new years?

  32. You finding that sweet cinnamon pumpkin was a sign from your mom telling you she still with you

  33. I love burning yummy, bakery scents in my house! Did you get more color put in your hair? I really like it! It looks really warm and awesome on you!

  34. I'm burning spiced apple toddy right now 🙂

  35. Maybe I should go out tomorrow. Busy today……trying to get rid of Christmas. Love the vid.🧡🖤🎃😊

  36. Someday I will be able to afford to live on my own, and I will burn ALL of the lovely, spooky, warm candles I want! Until then, I live vicariously through your candle hauls, Sam!

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