BAGS OF MONEY ! HUGE PROFITS ! How to make money when there is no abandoned storage auction

BAGS OF MONEY ! HUGE PROFITS ! How to make money when there is no abandoned storage auction

Wonderful BAGS OF MONEY ! HUGE PROFITS ! How to make money when there is no abandoned storage auction . Made huge profit from buying a large purchase from a friend . How to make profit margin when there is no abandoned storage auction to attend . I bought an abandoned storage unit and made money.

I love you!

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49 thoughts on “BAGS OF MONEY ! HUGE PROFITS ! How to make money when there is no abandoned storage auction

  1. 46:16 Hat Band or maybe a Choker, Like warn around the neck.

  2. 31:01 definitely Boy Scout. 1st Class Scout pin or maybe "tenderfoot".

  3. ❤️❤️❤ thanks for sharing and teaching inspired in Boston working on my 4th unit right now wish me luck, one day I might post some adventures….

  4. That little red case knife would be a Harry Caray knife I know it's spelled wrong but you get the gist

  5. That Gruen watch has swiss movement pretty nice looks like a self wind too.!! 160 all day bruh

  6. hi you can come find my pirate treasure ,wink wink xx

  7. Those were real those purses u have are fakes

  8. I too target jewelry. I'm also a gold hunter. Thanks for the video.

  9. I love watching all your videos Mike.I wish you all the best.👍👍❤❤

  10. Liked going through the handbag and jewelry buyout.🤗

  11. You need to watch this Christmas movie I watched for the second time it is called Christmas chronicle best Christmas movie I have ever seen better than elf

  12. The bead work is china or boy scout made… trash,

  13. Very very nice jewelry that i wanted even a single piece but i am very far into your place phil.

  14. I like watching the Pirate Captain digging through his treasures! Tyfs.

  15. Around the watch called enamel not cloisanne.
    Great finds – Pirate🎉🎉🇩🇰

  16. The line was from Crocodile Dundee

  17. 25:40 That is for a belly button piercing. Usually made of stainless steel.

  18. Can you ask your buddy how he got into cleaning out peoples homes after loved ones pass away? Or under what circumstances? How to get into that industry?

  19. Great video as always mike!

  20. HCL is more expensive the MCM, it was consider better quality than MCM. When people were starting to take notice of MCM, HCL AND Fendi were price more in demand by for the wealthy. DO NOT SELL IT IN THE FLEA MARKET, GET it cleaned, and post it online. THAT IS A 850 PURSE, and the value increases based on the age.

  21. IBEW pin international brotherhood of electrical workers. Union pin. At 31:36

  22. Whiting and Davis sells well on ebay for a vintage purse. About $50 for yours cause it's basic.

  23. Bless Mary!❤️ just reading her comments over the years I totally agree with your comment mike.there are just some people that you cross paths with that you know you can trust without question…and I totally agree she is one of them❤️🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  24. Crocodile Dundee. You so cute with your attempt at an Australian accent.

  25. Thank you for the video even tho I missed the live 😪 I was about to take a MK purse I found to the flea market and sale it for $3 🤣 awesome to know possible prices. Even tho I'm a female I'm not into purse prices lol 👍👍🥰💗btw movie your referencing (which you have many times lol) crocodile dundee 😁🥰👍

  26. I enjoy seeing all your business ventures Mike. Entrepreneur of the century!!! And an old soul. That woman had great taste in handbags. How does a person leave all that behind?? Really rich or evicted?

  27. HCL , made in Germany, purses are sold at Nordstrom. Solds range from$20-$200.
    Depends on style , looks like vintage ones do pretty well.
    Some Whiting and Davis bags are made of silver ,some sell for a lot. The antique purses are very collectible.

  28. Crocodile Dundee "This id s knife"

  29. I think it’s a horse not a dog, I remember watching a documentary on wall painting and they were on there

  30. That necklace that you’re holding right here in one hour and five minutes 56 seconds the Buffalo teeth Native American

  31. I like how you diversify your videos. It's good to see the different ways of making money. It's good to change it up. That was an awesome buy and you will make a good profit. That was easy money! Love it!

  32. JP

    Crocodile Dundy that's not a knife

  33. @30:54 "Be prepared" – Scar – Lion King 😀

  34. I love your videos pirate . You always make me smile . God bless you 🙂

  35. Crocodile Dundee I better get some hearts

  36. Why haven’t Roman Atwood made any more videos seen your bracket but you should make t shirts

  37. Crocodile Dundee do i have to spell it right??

  38. Prayers with you for sucess of all the purses, jewelry and so on. I love you and the family. ❤❤❤❤🎅🤶🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍🤓☠

  39. The torus shell leaf pin. With the evanescent sheen is about $70.00 pin

  40. Good luck. Wishing you the best.

  41. I looked up HCL purse's, some are high priced.

  42. I like your jewelry vids. Like when you bought the bags of stuff from Goodwill, I enjoyed those vids. It makes for a nice change of pace and it’s fun to see you holler gold or not gold, etc. So spread your money making ventures to others lines. Love from Texas.

  43. Rawhide, not cowhide sillly man

  44. HCL handbags are handcrafted in Germany, and somewhat pricey…

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