ASMR * Christmas Target Dollar Spot Haul * Fast Tapping & Scratching * Soft Spoken * ASMRVilla

ASMR * Christmas Target Dollar Spot Haul * Fast Tapping & Scratching * Soft Spoken * ASMRVilla

Great Hey everyone! Here are some great items you can currently pick up at the Target Dollar Spot for Christmas gifts. There will be a no talking version of this plus a walk through of the Dollar Spot coming up as well.

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I’m frequently asked about the items I use to film my ASMR videos, so here are some links!

Zoom Recorder:

Audio Connector:

Eneloop batteries:

Memory Cards:

Hard Drive:

Small Tripod (I use the small one for most videos I film):

Large Tripod (if you’re looking for a better quality and sturdier tripod this is the one I use if I’m filming outside or something like that):

Tripod Head:

1) HF M301 (This is an older camera, but it’s the one I use to film most of my videos):

2) HF M50 (If you’re looking for a newer camera, we have experience with this one and like it):

3) Panasonic HC-VX981K (Or…if you’re looking for something really great, here is a 4k Camera that we have experience with):

This video isn’t sponsored. The link/s above are affiliate links though…they provide me a small commission which is one way to support the channel! Thanks so much you guys!

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30 thoughts on “ASMR * Christmas Target Dollar Spot Haul * Fast Tapping & Scratching * Soft Spoken * ASMRVilla

  1. It feels like you’re a nervous person 😂 all the time alarmed 😂

  2. I would like a video of the wood tree and the mug those were great

  3. 09:12 ~ 09:19 This table will forever be my favorite thing. Right next to that vintage cookbook.

  4. i would love a video where you build the basket!! i loved your wrapping video when you wrapped presents! super awesome 🙂

  5. I’m confused, didn’t she say she only put ads in the beginning of videos? I have like 4 mid rolls??

    Can’t sleep to that

  6. please do more talking stuff

  7. Please make more no talking video,s i love that verry much🌷🌷🌷

  8. Your voice is so good but in this video u have spoke a little too loudly

  9. Villa such an amazing video soft spiking was lovely. I was also wondering if you are doing a no talking video?? Please let me know ❤️😁

  10. In Ukraine and Poland we don't have this tradition to put presents into socks. There's an animated movie Klaus, 2019, you can find some very funny explanation of origins of some New Year's traditions. I wonder, which movies or cartoons do you like to watch on Christmas holidays?

  11. What is your accent? I love it. I can't tell.
    Like some European shit.
    I can't believe more people didn't see this.

  12. 💜 TIME STAMPS!! 💜
    Super tingly as always, love you~
    Tapping/scratching on The Table, hand movements/sounds, etc between items!

    0:042:30 || bath crystals in diamond shaped box, striped
    2:414:22 || wooden sign "Hello Winter"
    4:356:00 || shiny coffee mug
    6:117:46 || another bath crystal box, pink
    7:529:10 || wooden Christmas tree decoration
    9:2011:07 || little white Christmas tree decoration w/ wooden base & 'pine needles'
    11:1112:43 || little candle
    12:5113:53 || star ornament in crinkly package
    14:0615:23 || 2 packages of sticky Christmas window decorations
    15:2916:47 || a third bath crystal box, polka dotted
    16:5017:51 || another Christmas tree with the 'needles', golden
    17:51-end || gathering all items together, brief sounds with each one

    Sleep well~

  13. I think we’re due for another crinkle crinkle tingle tingle kringle pringle crinkle video 🤤

  14. I’m starting to really think that YouTube is taking my search history and changing my search results to fit it….

  15. Wow Villa. This was awesome. The little white tree was amazing. The crinkly items were very powerful.

  16. I absolutely love your nails! The shape, length, and color is literally perfect! Keep up the amazing work ☺️

  17. The tree is so cute!! Could also be monogrammed!!

  18. Who has their Christmas tree?😃 🎄

  19. i LOVE your soft spoken videos

  20. Oh wow! These are all so pretty, and I love the birthday theme. What a lucky friend! 🙂

  21. Another winner. Villa u are such a natural. Within minutes my eyes got heavy. Tingle central.

  22. Is the table perhaps from the dollar section 😂 great video! could you please do a table scratching one?

  23. i really want one of your merch but my mom them can offord it

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