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20 thoughts on “Amazon IP Claim & Complaints – How to Deal with Them

  1. I hope you all enjoyed our very first live show. Expect more to come in the future!

  2. Hi Flipping profits! My listing has been blocked by amazon due to copyrights infringement for about 2 months because i copied my competitor photos and edited them, what should i do to get unblocked? i need help! Thanks Flipping profits

  3. Thanks for all you do guys! I'm pumped you moved to Arkansas. I have a question for you. I have been selling generic novelty products on Amazon. I have been seeing items from my supplier listed as "X Brand – bouncy balls" for example. These products do not have any sort of logo on them and they sometimes use pictures from my supplier. My question is can I list on these ? They seem to be claiming to be some sort of brand but i'm 100% sure they are the same item. Here is a link to an example

  4. Great video! Invaluable information! Thank you both!

  5. i was reading a thread about a long time book seller that got shut down because of an inauthentic textbook. scary stuff…

  6. Thanks for this video I recently had my account suspended due to IP claims on products that never even sold a unit. I did not know what to do so I have been stuck in a loop with amazon and they have been holding my funds. Retail arbitrage is amazing but these claims make it really hard even for good sellers to just do business normally

  7. Scary stuff! Just after I stumbled onto your channel and was considering getting into arbitrage.

  8. Do you think that part of your success is because you sell as an amazon wholesale business?

    Also, I went to your website to get a lost of brands we shouldn’t sell but couldn’t find anything

    Your channel are amazing!! I follow your channel on instagram as well,

    And you kids and wife are so adorable! Congrats for the success!

  9. Tortious interference with business relations , she is so correct!!!!

  10. How can I get wholesale accounts to sell on amazon if the brands hate amazon??

  11. How do you keep track of all the photos of corresponding receipts, barcodes and product pictures and have easy access to them if needed to send to Amazon?

  12. Hi, can you please share the list of brands we should not sell…thanks for all the info, big fan!!

  13. So much value in this video! Thank you!

  14. I appreciate this information. I'm new to Amazon, started with books in Jan. Researching Retail Arbitrage for the past month. Thank you again for this training.

  15. So informative! I just started out in January, but have already grown significantly to where we are selling 7-8k a month 🙂 . I had no problems until this month where I got 3 IP claims over a 2-3 week period. I'm working on them now and hopefully they will resolve (It's so frustrating!). I'm a little worried though because most of my inventory comes from TJX stores. If I run into problems I will definitely give RiverBend a call. Thank you for all you guys do!

  16. Were you going to add a list of brands to stay away from due to higher likelihood of an IP claim?

  17. Hey my remainder comment from the other day on your Dollar Tree video made the cut lol.
    Where are those settings for not repackaging returns at? I can't find it.

  18. This was by far the best and most valuable live stream. Juston & Lesley didn't hold back on anything. Guaranteed you have never heard this information before, certainly not from any other resellers. Protect yourselves! And as a side note the Flipping Profits Amazon FBA Course is the most comprehensive information that I have seen. Just the first module alone could save you a fortune and it teaches you how to be successful out of the gate.

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