Superb Ready for a Trash to Treasure. I love doing Up-Cycle Projects and having a bit of a recycled home. I found the base of the table in someone’s trash heading to the dump. So this is a my version of a dump haul. Subscribe to LittleBitofCalmCrazy for more Trash to Treasure, Up- Cycled Projects, Dollar Tree DIYs and Budget Decor.

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  1. Pjs rule! One question…won’t the sanding (for distressing) after the sealer kind of defeat the purpose of sealing to start with?

  2. Such a great idea. I've also been looking for something like this for my patio. I just found your channel a few days ago and can't stop watching all the DIY's. I think every woman in Texas has the same tan lines. I know I do, we live in Wylie.

  3. Spar urethane for the wood in outdoor elements is best choice. Glad you used it! Your choice of topcoat is great for the base. Thank you for sharing! Cannot believe you scored that table base. Bravo! 👏

  4. Baby Girl watched this video with me, and at the end she chanted, "It's a big thumbs up, a big thumbs up; up, up, up with a fish, it's a big thumbs up."

  5. Amazing..turn out so nice..thanku for ur information..tyfs♡

  6. If I’m in my house I’m in my PJs! LOL

  7. What a score, great job and so beautiful

  8. Great project just one question won’t the sanded places still let the finish peel because the protective coat has been sanded off?

  9. Never heard of using that but worth a try! Beautiful!

  10. Learned a lot! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wait, what do you mean? I'm literally doing everything in my pajamas ;D

  12. I really love how this turned out💖You rock girl‼️‼️Fabulous Job😍TFS💘

  13. Question….. where did you get the galvanized bucket to put all the pumpkins in? The one sitting on the outside table that said " hand picked FARM FRESH PUMPKINS .50? Another question…. aren't you afraid that people might steal the stuff off your porch? Just a thought 🤔.
    Oh by the way, the table turned out so pretty! Love it! Great job girl! Had to come back in here cuz I forgot to mention that. That's why I had to use the edit button😜😝🤗

  14. It turned out so good wow!

  15. You are so brave. I would be so upset if anything happened to any of my treasures. I admire your attitude. Thanks for sharing this trash to treasure with us.

  16. You did a great job on this table 👍 TFS have a wonderful night

  17. It looks like you got it at the store .

  18. I love how your table came out. Thanks for the info about buying the top from Lowe's, it's a nice piece of wood! Great technique on the refinishing! Nice to watch a non Christmas video too 😉

  19. Wow, you edited and uploaded this fast if you made this video since Sunday's tornado 😯 I'm loving this video ❤ I also appreciate the tip for outdoor sealers

  20. Looks like the table top ,foe the table base . Was under all that stuff ,piled up by that box . Turned out nice 👍

  21. Don't fret. I'm the pj queen. lol You looked great. Was curious about something. After you put the sealer on and then resanded the areas, aren't you opening up the wood to the elements?

  22. The table sure did turn out nice love it        Hugs

  23. Your table is so pretty. I love it on your porch

  24. Wow what a great find. Love it!

  25. My favorite stain and color. I have used it for 30 yrs or so. Great video.

  26. I love it! it turned out very beautiful!

  27. You must be near me! DFW area? They've confirmed 10 tornadoes that night 😬 love the table!

  28. It turned out so pretty,I live in Garland Tx. we had a Tornado near us my grandkid's and I we were so scared,We were so Thankful nobody was hurt, there was so much damage,Take Care, God Bless.

  29. Hi Jennifer hope all is well , I think its my birthday this week you Kat and Casey  all in one week im so happy, love what you did with the table what a great find :)) thank you for sharing loved the DIY

  30. Gorgeous, love it, I work a lot in PJ’s, my favorite

  31. What a beautiful job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Never heard of that as a sealer. Love the table outcome. I've always loved that base.

  33. Oh I love that….Looks great!!!! I have never found such awesome treasures….TFS

  34. Hey sometimes I do my best work in my jammies!!😁😁 It turned out so good! Great job!! Have a great week!!😁😁😘😘

  35. Thank you so much on the tip for outdoor white furniture protection paint (Valspar). I have 2 wood rockers & a table that are just so beautiful yet they are needing a 3rd paint job within 2 years. Could of been many more but I don’t have the time to keep them perfect. They face the brutal Arizona afternoon sun & the summer storms. Just a week back I hosed off the layers of summer dust & on the table the paint was coming off as if It was just dust. I painted the chairs but the table was just a perfect white wham I found it & I just had to paint a few spot every so often. Why won’t paint come off of other project that easy? lol! I recently bought exterior white paint & I’ll go grab the Valspar. I’ve decided to not distress them right away. I’ll do it after I see if I got the perfect recipe. Thank you again.

  36. Love the table. I would grab it to if I could find a base like that. Great job.

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