A Secret Rolex Meetup With A Sexpile Worth $30 Million | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

A Secret Rolex Meetup With A Sexpile Worth $30 Million | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

Superb Rolliefest, a vintage Rolex watch meetup, was held last month in New York. The top-secret event was a chance for Rolex lovers to share, swap and try on different timepieces.
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A Secret Rolex Meetup With A Sexpile Worth $30 Million | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

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17 thoughts on “A Secret Rolex Meetup With A Sexpile Worth $30 Million | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

  1. How come the Pontiff were not invited?

  2. "Pa-TEE-na" has become acceptable because everybody mispronounced it for so long. Granddad's 1927 dictionary listed "PAT-na" as the only pronunciation back then.
    Call me an English Nazi if you like. I prefer the original.

  3. That radium-226 lumed Rolex wouldn't be of concern. You can wear it, and be just fine. Just don't open it and intentionally ingest or inhale the lume. Using the inverse square law, when you move away from it, the radiation flux decreases exponentially. Also, he had a pretty cheap dosimeter. A Ludlum model 12 or an Inspector USB Geiger-Müller counter would be far better! Also, always measure in counts/minute or counts/second, AKA CPM or CPS, NOT μSv/h or mR/h, UNLESS it's calibrated to the same radionuclide that your source is that you're measuring! I see this happen far too much. I collect radioactive sources, and watches are just one of them. No, I don't have a Rolex yet. I'd rather have a Patek Phillipe, with radium of course. But, I doubt that I could ever afford one or the other anyway. So, yeah. Don't scrap your radium watches! Sell them, if you're that concerned.

  4. 5:28 finally got past the sexual innuendo and whoring by the presenters, and got through to a true collector.

  5. Rolex watches are not the best or most accurate watches. They are really mid tier luxury. Rolex use to be the Craftsmen tools of watches for the everyday man before 1980. However, they are the best all around watches in regards to a combination of luxury, utility, durability, prominence, design, & build quality. What makes Rolex collectible is limited production, and the small variations between Rolex models. What these collectors look for is vintage, original, rarity, unpolished in working condition. What adds to where Rolex is as a brand is marketing. Just about every Hollywood movie, no matter how wealthy or blue collar a character is portrayed. You will find a Rolex on a wrist of that character. If you want a more accurate watch there's Grand Seiko. If you want to go one step up from Rolex in terms of heritage/luxury, there's Jaeger LeCoultre. If you want to go to the pinnacle of watches, there's Patek Philippe. If you want Rolex quality (for some arguably a better brand) with an affordable price, look into Omega (my go to watch is the Speedmaster. first watch worn on the moon NASA issued watches).

  6. I used to complain about not being able to afford a watch, until I met the man with no arms.

  7. No black people? Or rappers?

  8. I'm working so I can get in that Brotherhood

  9. For the love of money is the root of all evil. 1 Timothy 6:10.

  10. 800 dollars ticket entrance fee just to look at some watches American Greed
    is a live a rather wear a normal watch then a 500000 thousand one

  11. Non of these rolax is worth $200 after you take a sledge hammer to them,, all the "value" is sentimental hype

  12. m

    they only tell the time. What's the point? Can someone please explain it to me?

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