A Haunted Hotel Theme, The Crafty Lumberjacks Handmade Home – HGTV Handmade

A Haunted Hotel Theme, The Crafty Lumberjacks Handmade Home – HGTV Handmade

Superb Tour the Crafty Lumberjacks’ spooked-out apartment in NYC. Their DIY Halloween tree and haunted hotel hallway look as though it’s right out of a movie scene.

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25 thoughts on “A Haunted Hotel Theme, The Crafty Lumberjacks Handmade Home – HGTV Handmade

  1. I absolutely love you guys! I love your style, decor, crafts, and your dedication. And how can people not appreciate or notice the total awesomeness?!

  2. AWESOME 😊👍🏻
    You guys are so creative!
    Give Teddy a big kiss from me 😘🐈😍
    He is SO CUTE 💕💕💕💕

    When is your birthdays? You said that Andrew is a Libra ♎ and Dennis is a Taurus ♉

  3. Chicos los amo, todo lo que hacen me encanta, bendiciones y besos

  4. I think this might be my favorite one over the years! Great job, you guys are awesome! 🥰

  5. This is epic! You guys did an amazing job. I wouldn’t mind paying a cover charge to get in!

  6. Listen to this:

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  7. Omg you guys are the best! I would LOVE to hang out at your place!!! Great job guys!!

  8. These guys always nail Halloween, but I'd say this year the job they did is beyond epic. Love those Lumberjacks! 🎃🖤

  9. Wow!! Love it!! My family and I volunteered for Haunted hay rides. Our decorations were not as good as yours are. But we still had a lot of fun and we did scare a few people

  10. I want to hang out with you guys! I am so impressed with the apartment. I would most DEFINITELY notice. I am looking forward to your annual Christmas dance.Hugs.

  11. You guys live in Queens too?! I want to come over!! haha 🙂

  12. Waw this is the only decor worth copying

  13. Omg people who don't appreciate good, handmade, creatively thematic Halloween decor should never be invited back.

  14. I love these guys and everything they make. Their place looks amazing, such great ideas. Love the coffin wreaths and considering getting a Halloween tree. Winters too dark not to have constant lights and sparkle ✨😁
    I bought some of those wind up toys a week ago for our Halloween. Hope to have races with my friends.
    Happy Halloween 😈🦇🧛‍♀️

  15. I absolutely looove everything especially the little details u put into every corner. And “kitchy kitchen”/“laboratory lavatory”…i just want to be best friends with you guys 😂🧡never change

  16. You guys are delightful. We call lead smalls & you deliver 🙂

  17. Amazing work guys! Love it all!!!

  18. Have you decorated for Halloween?

  19. Like always you guys did an outstanding job!!! I totally understand Andrew, I'm a libra too and can drive my husband crazy 😳😂…but we are such awesome people right?! 😋

  20. Great job guys! Tfs and God Bless 🎃

  21. How fun!!! ⚰️👻🎃🕯️💀🦇🕷️⚰️

  22. Love it. Your creativity is a hoot. Great job guys. 🧙 Blessings and a lot of scares for Halloween. 🧙

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