8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

Save MONEY and SOLVE Problems by utilizing the dollar store!
Want to make your own dryer sheets? What about a portable mini grill for a couple bucks? We’ll show you how to do this an much, much more!

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39 thoughts on “8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

  1. The winner has to share the vid,??

  2. Uhh..I'm pretty sure it's "get shwifty." But thrifty works too, I guess. 😉

  3. i feel like most dollar stores or at least mine actually have name brand dryer sheets 1:35
    and i get that there reusable and all but still

  4. when i heard essential oils, i could hear hyram being triggered

  5. Stop saying LED lights. It's just LED's. FFS!

  6. Uhm, buy one lotion, mix it up with another lotion, and you get… two lotions mixed together? You can literally do this with anything in the dollar store. I made a canned corn candle.

  7. Please don’t cook with dollar store items, people. You’re asking to get poisoned or end up with small pieces of metal in your body.

  8. In norway we have a "one time use grill" that is a one time use grill that works very good

  9. Go into the dollar store buy the building for a dollar

  10. 5 things I hate
    2: things repeating
    2: things repeating
    3: the number 3
    4: liking you're you're comments
    5: commenting on ur one post
    6: this list


  12. 0:32 he didn't even wait for the coals to turn gray, which is what you're supposed to do, that's how you know they're hot and ready to cook food. Those Hot dogs are gonna taste like lighter fluid.

  13. Hey atleast his videos are better than BRIGHT SIDE

  14. Omgosh!! Mind blown 😳👍 thank you so much!! You gave me some great tips to help save money for a girl scout troop and my own family! Thank you so much!!

  15. I see household is a Buffalo Bills fan.

  16. This is called "how to spend more at the dollar tree..instead of buying actual item at dollar tree!"😱

  17. Love your videos? Keep doing amazing things?

  18. You can also use sponges for replacement dryer sheets as well. I buy a pack of 10 sponges at the Family Dollar for a buck, cut them in half and pretty much do the exact same thing as said in the video with fabric softener and water. I find the sponges last a lot longer and are easier to find when your laundry is done.

  19. 3:06 that Bills mat belongs in the trash

  20. Ketchup doesn't belong on hotdogs! Don't @ me

  21. I came cuz i saw hotdogs :

    Im 8 /○ the illuminati

  22. 2:57 I just hang a bag off the gearshift.

  23. They have those shower cap looking covers that are actually made for food storage and comes in different sizes at The Dollar Tree.

  24. why would someone buy downy just to make a dryer sheet from it,,,,,dryer sheets arent dat expensive mah dood-

  25. Is the home made moisturizer sutible for dry skin conditions.

  26. The sponge havk was in two different vids

  27. I was just at the dollar store to get a bunch of cheep food since I just moved into a new house with my mother

  28. Isn't essential oils a alternative way for vaccines?

  29. Should there 20 drops of essential oil? What if I only had 19 drops left? 😐

  30. Don’t use the shower cap hack ou dont know what kind of plastic is in them and you can also just buy cling wrap at the dollar store

  31. They make pre-prepared versions of the first hack. My local malwart has shelves full of em.

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