$65 Profit from a $10 buy -Phone Flip- watch the transaction live

$65 Profit  from a $10 buy -Phone Flip- watch the transaction  live

Wonderful Sale we made from Facebook market place flip. $65 Profit from a $10 haul -Phone Flip- watch the transaction live

Stellah and Myself love to share with you what is working with us in our flipping game on eBay, and other platforms Phone flipping and Drop shipping, tips and ideas and strategies. You can see what’s selling. As well we share with you links below of all the tools we use to learn the mindset to the flipping game.

Come thrifting with us. I wear a go pro and hit the stores. Let’s see what we find today.


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Here is 6 Digital Course secrets Training i used to make money from home βœ…

1) Digital Course Creation

2) Amazon FBA

3) Facebook Ads: course

4) Shopify Shipping:

5) Build a funnel Free 14day trial:

6) Phone Flipping course

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