$6048 Dividend Investment Robinhood 2019 (Taking Profits Extra Income)

$6048 Dividend Investment Robinhood 2019 (Taking Profits Extra Income)

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$6048 Dividend Investment Robinhood 2019 (Taking Profits Extra Income)

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41 thoughts on “$6048 Dividend Investment Robinhood 2019 (Taking Profits Extra Income)

  1. Hi Bruce I'm start on Robinhood 3 months ago I found MFG and for me looking good and MUFG my best regards to you.

  2. 69.60 cents robin hood charged you 70, thats a fee bro.

  3. I like the way you take profits! To many people have ths fixed mindset to never sell while dividend investing.

  4. Love you channel man been watching pretty much all ur videos love the tips as I have been doing dividend stocks over what I was doing having the same result u did lol
    Would you be interested in doing a video dedicated to the p/e ratio of a stock and what that tell a person when buying said stock?

  5. Nice video. Quick question. Does the larger tax burden that comes with dividend investing ever bother you?

  6. Good information Bruce for people that still learning the basics of how to invest and gets profit from the market..keep sharing your infos and good luck!

  7. Do your dividend payout go back into the stock or into your buying power ? 🤔

  8. How do you view the RSI in Think or Swim?

  9. Bro ✊🏽 Nothing wrong with being cheap. I appreciate the knowledge. Some of us is broke so thank you 🙏🏽

  10. Am i understanding something wrong or isn't buying low selling high and capital gains the same thing? I mean the price of the stock rising is basically capital gains? Am i right? So point 2 and 3 are the same

  11. What can you tell me about gush stock?

  12. Tip. Everybody. Use LIMIT order. It will save you money. Those pennies add up! 💵

  13. Thanks Bruce for your time and video. Do you own NOBL fund? What's your opinion on NOBL?

  14. yoooo why are you selling? i though you were about the divided income don't punish your winners.

  15. Dont forget about the taxes on short term trading!

  16. Good work bro, keep growing your portfolio and making passive income

  17. How do you record and have your phones screen on the side in your video?

  18. i got people hating on me saying stock market is gambling

  19. I'm aiming to get my portfolio value to $250K. The dividend yield of ~5% will pay my rent. So far, since I just restarted this second quarter, I only earn $5 dividends per month😥

  20. What is the best dividend stock that won’t break the bank that will pay out around $100 or $200 a month? Any preferences? I mean o is nice but at $70 a share. They get expensive real quick.

  21. anyway that way you get the gains

  22. buy low try following it with a stop limted just not too close to protect your gains yes because the market is high

  23. i like to buy high and sell low.+

  24. Buy after the dividend ex date for a slightly higher yield.

  25. So Bruce, What is your opinion on Realty paying out 196% of their operating income last year? That is if I calculated it right.

  26. I must say the Robinhood dividends amount I transfer over every month to pay myself is addictive. I am seriously thinking of trying to see how I do with dividend capturing. Thanks for the video.

  27. You dont hold orc pay .08 cents per share per month. Only 6 dollors per share

  28. Bruce please check out my latest video

  29. can u do deviden ivestment for living ,and what do u do for livning ?

  30. If only at&t paid monthly no wonder it has a high dividend yield.

  31. You can Google how to get lvl 2 trades for free on tos an td app have it on mine

  32. Don't forget his profits are including the free stocks he gets from you guys, if it wasn't for that I believe he would be in the red. Good vid tho

  33. Damn you’re growing fast man! Between real estate and dividend investing you’re killing the game.

  34. Good Job on the 6k Portfolio !

  35. BTW Robinhood has RSI for desktop version only and other things like MACD. Hope this helps bro! Click expand on the graph thing

  36. Did you use the paper money or live trading for thinkorswim?

  37. Just downloaded Think or Swim (thanks for the heads up on that). How do you get it do display RSI with the stock quotes?

  38. Try Amour Residential Reit ARR. Or Medical Facilities DR.

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