6 Tips To Pay Low Prices For Candy | How To Get Candy For Cheap

6 Tips To Pay Low Prices For Candy | How To Get Candy For Cheap

Wonderful 6 Tips To Get Candy For Cheap For Your Candy Selling Business | Buy Low Sell High

Hey what’s going on guys and welcome back to my channel
My name is Arun Kara and today I’m going to show you where to get candy for your candy selling business for cheap

Okay so if you have a candy selling business or thinking about starting a candy selling business the most important thing is to get your candy for as cheap as possible. This is because all the profit you make will be based on how much you are selling your candy for minus how much you paid for each piece of candy. We’ve all heard the saying buy low sell high, this also goes with selling candy at school

For example if you are selling your candy for $1 each and normally you buy your candy for 75 cents per candy bar, that means you make 25 cents per candy bar. However if you are able to get you candy for 50 cents a bar you will be making 50 cents per bar which is more money per bar which means more profit.

So the best places to look for candy is

1. The most common place is to go to Costco, there you can get around 30 bars of candy for $20
2. You can try the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Dollar General these are worth checking every once and a while because some good candy does fall through and you can get a lot of candy for a really good price
3. Walmart and Target but only if the candy is on sales which you can check by looking at the ads, or if you just happen to be in the area you can just run down the isle real quick and see how much the candy is going for
4. A special tip is if you see a sale on something you regularly sell at your business, you should stock up on them because then you will be making more money since you are buying more candy for cheaper. If we take it back to the original example. We said how if we bought candy on sale we would make more profit, but that extra profit would only last as long you had that candy for a discount, this is why you should stock up a little extra than usually because then that extra margin will last longer. Like 2 weeks vs 1 week
5. The day after valentine’s day and Halloween candy will always be on sale because stores buy the most amount of candy to sell for these holidays and after that day passes they know they will be stuck with a lot of candy so they would rather sell it for a discount.
6. The best way to make sure you are always getting a good price is to sell the total cost of box of candies and then divide it by the number of candies in the bag, as long as that is under $1 you will be making money

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