6 Free Items at Dollar General All Week – $26 Worth for $3

6 Free Items at Dollar General All Week – $26 Worth for $3

Awesome whoa! we got at least 6 freebies at Dollar General this week. also you can get $26 worth of products for $3!

this weeks Dollar General penny list

my website for Dollar General deals & penny its is

Thank you source

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43 thoughts on “6 Free Items at Dollar General All Week – $26 Worth for $3

  1. Be sure to NOT grab the febreze with the free plug in it!! The digital coupon may attach in your app but it will NOT come
    Off at the register! You must buy the 2 count febreze refills with NO free plug in the package ❤️ thanks Christa!

  2. I went to dollar general tonight and found like 9 or 10 fall items.

  3. The lady at DG said the air Wic coupon is wrong and she can’t override the system even tho it shows it attaches to the item on the ap.(Holliday scents that ring up for $2.50 each then $5off 2 purchase )

  4. I love your videos! I lol'd at your editing about caine instead of canine. I knew what you meant and my immediate thought was I bet someone will be in the comments talking crap smh. I like that you stick up for yourself. 💙

  5. Waste of time. The clerk refused to honor the coupon, told me I can NOT get FREE stuff from DG. I have to pay for it.

  6. Thank you so much for the disclaimer on the toothpaste dq

  7. Crap can't add photo sorry

  8. So I got this today under 5 bucks but the store had the 1.25 little and she wouldn't let me use that. .alot of my coupons don't come up at register and I have to show manager ..she takes it off at least . Can't find the hanging swifter duster in my stores for 1.00 ☹️

  9. You tell them girl…you day whatevers you want however you want…its your CHANNEL 💝

  10. I wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR. ::) YOU ROCK GIRL. 🙂

  11. Please Christa, or anyone, is there a database we penny shoppers can go to in order to find UPCs for ALL past penny items that shoppers have found? I was shopping today and KNOW that I found 2 summer items but the tags were gone and there was no UPC anywhere 🙁 A small white bag with pink flower for a girl, and pair of pink flip flops with jeweled straps that flash when you walk! If only I had the UPCs, I could have gotten them, but the employees have them now because they wouldn't guess at price…but you and I and everyone else who penny shops know those were summer penny items. Anyway, if a database of every penny item doesn't exist, we should make one, with very accurate descriptions and search options so anytime this happens, we can get those items instead of them being thrown in the trash.

  12. Got a haff off dill on dat toof?

  13. Ring the 5 pk of AirWick Oil 1st to Get It Free with the B1G1 Dq Because It's Clearance Price $5 Then the 2 pk to Pay Only $2.50 for 7 Refills 🤩 Add to $5/$25 Saturday for More Savings ❣

  14. Gain deal please I am desperately I need of any laundry detergent deals don’t have any detergent stopped couponing for a while

  15. The instant savings on airwick ended on the 29th.

  16. I would love a gain breakdown please Christa 🖤

  17. I found several brown dot items that weren't pennies, I thought all brown dots were pennies. this is so confusing lol

  18. I'm about 7 minutes in and I checked app…I dont have the pepsi chip coupon or the razor coupon. I dont understand how they can advertise a coupon deal and then not give the coupon. Thanks though

  19. Can I use paper coupons with the digital coupons at DG 😏

  20. Heads up- if you are using the digital 5 off febreze oil plugs and go to use a paper one in the same transaction THE DIGITAL WILL NOT WORK. Didn't for me anyhow, I think they limit one per transaction (even tho the paper one says one per purchase). Bout to go return pine scented oils because there is no way I am keeping those for 5 bucks, bahahha

  21. I found a penny item today,, I was so excited!!

  22. Tried the air wick with the scent that’s on sale and it didn’t did not take off $5 from my only took off $2 and i made sure to scan the regular priced one first…I’m bummed

  23. Thanks for all the good info. I went to dg today and got 2 twin pks of febreze spray for $2.50 each. Thats a great price.

  24. Hi Christa, I would love a gain deal if you have one this week.

  25. Christa can I use the 5 off/30 gain and the 5 off 25 in same transaction?? Sorry for dumb question trying to get list ready…

  26. I hate when someone correct me on how I pronounce words. Like they never say things wrong. You go girl!

  27. I'm not finding Bic razor coupon on my digital coupons. Only Venus ??

  28. The stores near me in NJ don’t carry the $1Swiffer. $1 crest is sold out as soon as it hits the shelf on a normal basis. I went to 2 stores last night. One store doesn’t even carry the $4.75 bag of Canine Carry Outs. I was able to get that deal at the other store but that was all they had of the $1 bags. All the Airwick were gone. No holiday air care at either. No razors either. Unfortunately for me (and other bargain shoppers) there are people who sell at the local flea market that come in and buy up almost every deal every week. They clear out the penny items at 8 am every week also. And they are MEAN.

  29. I only said it in my head, but thank you for the dog treats, Hey hey and Duke appreciate it!

  30. My girl filming in store again! Wonderful

  31. Where do you get the coupon from

  32. At smiths the canine carry outs are 1$

  33. Hey Christa nivea lotion is still on sale for $3.65. Great deals thanks for sharing

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