50 Cup Cakes In 3 Minutes??? Toy Drive Challenge

50 Cup Cakes In 3 Minutes??? Toy Drive Challenge

Superb Alright guys so today’s video is for a special cause the Kids Toy Drive presented by Choka and Lyme! I unfortunately could not make their event, but I was challenged to eat 50 mini cup cakes in 3 minutes! Will I be able to finish or will I be a big disappointment to the kids?!?! Watch to find out !!!!

Be the change that we still need to see in the world. The Choka Lyme Friends & Family 10th Annual Toy Drive will touch the hands of 6000 children in the five boroughs of New York. With your help and love we can help those in need for the holiday’s. Simple People, Doing Simple Things, In a Big Way. See you on Saturday Dec 14th 2019 4pm -9pm Free Food, Admission-Bring A Toy, Entertainment and Family Friendly Environment. Open to all nations and cultures, as we come together for a great cause. We Are Family!

147-02 Liberty Ave, Jamaica, NY 11435

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25 thoughts on “50 Cup Cakes In 3 Minutes??? Toy Drive Challenge

  1. Hi Wayne. I've just seen you on UK TV with Eddie Hall. I didn't know you had a degree in criminology. Good to see you on the box!.

  2. Amazing bro, I watch all your videos I'm a massive fav of you randi Joel and all the rest.
    Massive shout out from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  3. I would just give those cupcakes to kids, instead of harming your health. Smh

  4. I love that Guy Weston.. And his friend wayno

  5. Omg my friend did you just crash after that sugar high or what?! 👏👏👏

  6. cup cakes MINI yeah BIG RETO Caallenge yummy yummy

  7. y los Cup Cakes par el DOG? jejejej the Dog Eat Cup Cakes Special !!!!! jejejej Saludos amigo The Dog Navidad

  8. Man, if you look at the video, Weston snuck a lick. Lol, that's why that one was on it's side! Way to go Weston. Cutest Reindeer ever !! Goid cause Wayne. Glad you posted the address & info.

  9. You look like you've gained weight. You still go gym?

  10. Where's the num num num song?!?! I like that song.

  11. Mini cupcakes 🧁 awesome 👏

  12. That dog is sitting there and thinking and looking like give me one to 😁

  13. love you and your dog😍😍

  14. That was awesome!!😄 And for such a great cause 💜 You always have the best heart Wayne ❤️💗❤️

  15. What 15 Scrooges disliked a Video that's going to help children ..Bahhh Humbug go eat a 💩💩

  16. Weston is such a good helper he even tried cleaning the table..😂😂😂😂👅👅👅👅

  17. Should of done 50 mini Cupcakes they didn't say what size..😀😀😀

  18. So Adorable I love Reindeer Weston Santa Wayne your Hat is Awesome…👍👍🎅🎄🎅🎄😀😀💙💙

  19. Wow! Sugar rush followed by nap time. But very cool! ✌🏻

  20. What a sweet challenge but there goes your sugar level.

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