5 QUICK N EASY DOLLAR TREE FARMHOUSE DIY's | Rustic | Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Decor Ideas

5 QUICK N EASY DOLLAR TREE FARMHOUSE DIY's | Rustic | Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Superb Today I am bringing to you 5 QUICK and EASY Dollar Tree FARMHOUSE DECOR DIY’s! These are so EASY and take almost NO time to do! You can get just about EVERYTHING you need for these Farmhoue DIY’s at the Dollar Tree! These are all so inexpensive, affordable and sooooo BUDGET friendly! They are a MUST Add to your Farmhouse Decor!!!

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34 thoughts on “5 QUICK N EASY DOLLAR TREE FARMHOUSE DIY's | Rustic | Dollar Tree DIY | Farmhouse Decor Ideas

  1. Loved all the diys you don't know how excited I was to hear my name and with u sharing my diy aww thank you

  2. I have a question. instead of using shoe polish. would it be ok to spray paint or just paint? JW

  3. I like you stuff but so stinkin tired on hearing stinkin! Lol

  4. What can you do with the Empty cardboard rolls from the ribbon when we finish a roll of ribbon and also the rolls from the mesh from deco mesh?

  5. I guess I better find a better Dollar Tree! I haven’t found any of the items in several videos. I live in a small town, though. Love these videos!

  6. very nice on all EXCEPT the carrots. nope.

  7. I like the bottle you did. I would add either a wooden button or a pearl to the bow. Very pretty

  8. Other than the "stinking" word, projects are great.

  9. The stinking word has got to go. You say it way too much in this video

  10. Kelly. Love your DIY's. I use them all the time. Good job

  11. Love the "bird's nest" bowl – what a great Spring or Easter piece this would make!

  12. Oh my. Those carrots looked so wrong when they were painted brown. 💩 🤭

  13. I would love to see how you would make a case for the coaster for when not in us, please

  14. I tried so many DT stores to try and pick up these carrots but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I will try again next year. I did, however, find another way to make farmhouse carrots. They came out gorgeous!!

  15. BTW………………………..your daughter is too funny and looks just like you. THUMBS UP!!

  16. These would make good hot pads for setting hot pans on.

  17. I love your DIYS. I'm still on the look out for the rope and jump ropes at my Dollar Tree.

  18. I love all of your diy projects, especially farmhouse decor. I also like working with twine.
    Hope you don't mind but I have crowned you ''The Queen of Twine''

  19. You are stinking awesome.

  20. LOVE everything!!! ❤️

  21. I love the carrots and everything else.

  22. I love the placemat idea! Question is, how do you clean them??

  23. On the bowl, i would have put a base of brown paper bag topping it with twine. Make it smaller for keys or a change.

  24. its all so cute , love the carrots

  25. Does the shoe polish rub off on hands and surfaces? If it does how can we stop it from transferring from surface to surface, Is there a clear spray we can use over the shoe polish?🥰

  26. Have you thought about doing western things for kids rooms with the rope and the dollar tree blocks?

  27. Hi Kelly! Love your channel!!!! Quick question…, When using shoe polish in your projects, does it smudge, smear or transfer to your hands, fingers or furniture if it gets damp or wet?

  28. I drink a lot of ice water. My glass sweats. Do you know if the shoe polish on the coasters will fade?

  29. I would love to see a close up of how you tied the twine for the flower.  Love the video.

  30. They are all so cute! My favorite is the coasters which I'm going to make. Thank you for sharing, I enjoy your videos💕

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