5 Dollar Tree DIY Spring Decor Crafts

5 Dollar Tree DIY Spring Decor Crafts

Sharing 5 Dollar Tree DIY Spring Decor crafts that are easy and affordable! I LOVE my beaded wreath and show you how to turn a Dollar Tree item into faux wood beads. These Dollar Tree DIY Spring Decor crafts go perfectly with farmhouse decor too!

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32 thoughts on “5 Dollar Tree DIY Spring Decor Crafts

  1. Do you wanna do karate in the garage?! YUP.

  2. Spring has sprung I really like the tray thanks for the inspirations👍👍☺

  3. Spring has sprung! I loved all of the items you made; especially the beaded wreath! Tina

  4. You are very creative thanks for sharing

  5. Watching many of your vids! These are all awesome. Luv the wreath!!…and the green color paint on candle holder!!

  6. I’m showing subscribed but you are not coming up in my subscription. Along with other diyers

  7. I really liked how you attached everything to the wreath. Most just hot glue and that comes apart too easy. Very beautiful!

  8. enjoy this I love doing bead work thanks ,, stay safe and well love your ideas

  9. I can only find the wood numbers at my local dollar trees😔

  10. Thank you!! I just love Dollar Tree videos!!! I been going to Dollar Tree a lot.

  11. Love the ping pong ball wreath and the pizza pan tray! the candle holders and the spring banner. Oh heck! it's all great!

  12. Hi YOUR so AMAZING I'm trying the ping pong wreath but what are the 2 colors you dry brushed with? Hope your feeling better and your family too 🙏❤🙏

  13. Lov lovee it!! Love the wreath and the candles

  14. Ha! Never thought about using ping pong balls for this wreath. Genius!!! I’ve been looking everywhere online for big wood balls. Jay you’re my hero!! Thank you very much ❤️

  15. Awesome job, Jay! I love the soft green candle holders and, of course, the ping-pong ball wreath. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. I'm not highly into wreaths although I have a couple seasonal ones I put out – summer and fall besides my Christmas one. I loved how the ping pong ball one turned out, though, so I think I'll have to upgrade and make one 😉

  17. I LOVE that wreath!! I am going to try to make one of these!! TFS

  18. Love the beaded wreath. I'll try it. Thanks for sharing. 👍😁

  19. Spring has sprung! I love all of your ideas!

  20. Oooh the green candles are so pretty.

    Hope your health is improving 💛

  21. If you use $store sponge sanding block on balls b4 painting will give it a matte finish 😉

  22. These are allllll sooo cute! Great job!

  23. Love that Pistachio color! Everything is so Springy! Great job as usual! Hope you are feeling better!

  24. You’re awesome and I’m glad I ran into you

  25. That wreath is amazing! Brilliant idea.

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