$5 Dollar Tree DIY Challenge | Fall Decor | Collaboration

$5 Dollar Tree DIY Challenge | Fall Decor | Collaboration

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Hey guys today’s video is a DIY challenge COLLABORATION at the Dollar Tree. We had to spend FIVE Dollars and create a fall Decor within that 5$ budget. I had so much fun doing this and I hope you enjoy today’s video


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28 thoughts on “$5 Dollar Tree DIY Challenge | Fall Decor | Collaboration

  1. You are very creative it came out amazing

  2. Super cute! New subscriber! 😊❤️🍁

  3. Very pretty new subbie here!

  4. Too cute! And it’s fall decor which I love so makes it even better. Great job mama

  5. This is such a nice video. I do cooking and cleaning videos. Definitely enjoyed this video. Looking forward to more of your videos. Hoping we can be friends and support each other ♥️

  6. You did awesome 👏🏻 new subscriber ❤️🥰🥰🥰

  7. These challenges are always so fun. Your sign looks great. A tip – I would have painted board white and distressed it, if the paint was something I already had at home. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ooh that was a good intro girlie. I’ll have to remember to do that when I join my next Collab.ooh yay dollarama. Ooh I want that decal. Love your brick fire mantle. You are becoming a DIY queen on your channel lately!!! It turned out great 👍🏿

  9. Great job girl! So fun glad we got to do this together!

  10. Your dollarama is so neat and well stocked. I love your dign!New supporter from challenge, tfs

  11. I love simple diys!! Your sign is cute! New friend from the collab!

  12. you’ve done a great job!😌 new subscriber here x

  13. Looks great on the mantel! Here from the collab had to subsribe

  14. Big Kat I stopped by to visit you're channel 🥰 I have subscribed and liked I hope you subscribe back so we can support each others channels Hugs 🤗🥰

  15. I never would’ve thought about putting those stickers on a sign until now!!! Super smart 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Loved the outcome of this girl 😍

  16. This turned out so cute!!! Great job!!

  17. Love how you are keeping it on a budget.

  18. Hello I am a new subscriber here from the collab! You are so talented and creative. I love how this turned out!!

  19. This is such a fantastic idea love the way it came out great job. !!!!

  20. That was definitely a good one! Thanks for sharing!

  21. SUBSCRIBED!!! And a big 👍🏻 thumbs up. This Diy is Soo cute!!!! ❤️ I love the fall leaves around the sign, so gorgeous and your fireplace is a dream. So happy I had the opportunity to collab with all of you lovely ladies! ❤️

  22. Love it!!!! Love DIY decor!!!! I love your personality in your voice over!!! So much positivity girl!!!

  23. Man, I need to seriously step up my game! Love it!!!!

  24. Love this idea! So beautiful and easy to make for under $5 this is a total win 😁

  25. Very easy to make and so beautiful. TFS.
    Just subscribed!

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