3D Print on Demand for Profit (Without 3DHubs!)

3D Print on Demand for Profit (Without 3DHubs!)

Great In this video I’ll share my experiences in running a successful, profitable business around 3D Printing on demand, without using 3DHubs and similar style websites.

NOTE! This video contains my opinion and experiences on this subject and is not legal or business advice. You are responsible for your own business decisions!

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45 thoughts on “3D Print on Demand for Profit (Without 3DHubs!)

  1. Regarding the audio and video quality – this was recorded using the gear I live stream with as a test to produce long form content. The room is rented with concrete walls and a roller door. I can't do anything to it (including sticking things to the walls…) so not much I can do regarding the echo. Future videos of this format will be done using a lav mic to alleviate any reverb. If you're keen to see us continue to improve production quality then consider supporting Maker's Muse on Patreon! Link in the video description. 🙂

  2. What disclaimers should I include??!

  3. Surely another company will fill the role that 3dhubs used to do for hobbyist 3d printers….?

  4. "a lot of…"
    *undresses completely*

  5. How many 3D printers do you need? Will one do or do you need a fleet of them?

  6. Good advice. Heard years ago that you never fire a customer, you just price them out.

  7. when ibxtoycat gets a 3d printer be like

  8. I can print clear using air


  9. I just want to get started in this for me not for profit I'm poor and have kids it'd like to print RC car stuff and toys and things around the house what's a good printer to get for under 200 I have good ability to build things and good with computer's someone help please!

  10. For product prototyping you do need a commercial machine. Fdm and low level DLP/SLA does not cut it, i learned that the hard way, ordering a form3 tomorrow actually.

  11. Thank you man! 🙏🏼✌🏼

  12. Never had a good experience with 3d hubs, hope the other hobbyists out there are doing well without 3d hubs.

  13. days of making money from any online service is over. people don't trust the web unless their buying off Amazon or eBay and eBay is untrustworthy to say the least. People dont make money unless you belong to groups and are trusted supplier. I would put your parts on etsy but even then you may not make much.

  14. There are many videos out there that I love makers muse is one of the best ones that I’ve ever watched. I love all of his business ideas his strategies their direct and they give you a good sense of how things should be. One thing that I notice and all of his videos is that he promotes the confidence in all of his listeners and watchers and followers. That to me is worth it’s weight in gold. Thanks for all the good advice and for some reason I wish I would’ve known about this video sooner.

  15. are you intersted to know how much 3dhubs pay for a print ???? based on last offer received today: 0,36 euros / hour – 0,05 euros / cm3 (
    which does not even cover electricity costs) … no comment, simply ridiculous …. they are disgracing the entire 3D printing industry !

  16. I'm really surprised 3D Hubs is just letting go of an entire market. Someone's going to swoop in and create another service like theirs for hobbyist printers wanting a side hustle.

  17. Thanks for your knowledge…it was good

  18. Love the video, I'm working on my own brand on Youtube and as a business! Great tips!

  19. So they do fail times to times but which one is reliable in terms of quality and price

  20. Whoa! What nozzle/MMU nozzle is that on the prusa!?

  21. 3D printing with Tommy Wiseau. "I did not fail it, its bullshit, I did not fail it, I DID NOT! Oh hi Mark!"

  22. Can I ask? What tables are you using? I really like that self construction design.

  23. T T

    you are literally an angel. this is exactly what i wanted to know about the last weeks!!

  24. so whats most reliable 3d printer under 1k? other then Prusa Mk3

  25. go to porn sites and print big dicks?

  26. This was incredibly useful. Thanks Angus!

  27. Just subbed..awesome content… thax

  28. Its kinda funny that in a video about printing on demand i got an ad about printing on demand

  29. Thank you for this video and the tips I just started off my hobby business and everything makes sense!

  30. I totally get the "asshole customer" fee. Ive got customers that I charge a 100-150% upcharge. theyre that much a pain in the ass

  31. Thank you for the video. 3d printing will be a hobby for me but I found your business advice spot on. I had always used the idea that we should under-promise and over-deliver. Nice job helping educate others.

  32. I am also a business owner.
    "Pain in the ass fee" is perfectly reasonable.
    -In fact, I will sometimes intentionally price so high that the bad customer doesn't want my service.

  33. Alp

    I'm only twelve and im into 3D printing, I have my dads M3D original and his Printrbot Plus which gives some pretty decent quality, I have been thinking about getting one for my own so I can get better quality prints with a bigger print bed, the M3D has around a 4×4 inch bed but its easy to use although the printrbot needs lots of care and must be calibrates and fully setup manually, and I was watching a bunch of videos on good 3D printers for beginners, If anybody could recommend a good one for around 600$ that would mean a lot, because I don't want to buy one and end up with crap.

  34. Any printer that's relaiable under 200 dollers? And can I use anet a8

  35. I love this video, learned so much, thanks for great advices

  36. Do you have a better view of the Excel form for quotes?

  37. did you recommend any free 3D designer? bender is pain to use

  38. Appreciated man, subscribed. you give out some very good advice. I just got my Creality cr10s pro a few days ago, it was a pain to calibrate it, the sensor was not very functional, etc, etc… but I got it to print and I have about 50% success with my prints. Do you think to make a brand and a website this soon, showing the whole process of having to work through the problems 3d printing throws at you and fixing them, etc would be a good idea? Or should I just wait until I am better prepared and know a lot more about the subject and then start my own brand? My niche is going to be synthesizer cases and modifications and basically, 3d printed studio tools and little gadgets related to sound synthesis, etc. Thanks again for the video and for doing this. Cheers!

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