$3000 Profit Thrift Store Marathon

$3000 Profit Thrift Store Marathon

Awesome You’ve seen me do retail arbitrage, you’ve seen me do truckloads of books, but my first love will always be thrifting.

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30 thoughts on “$3000 Profit Thrift Store Marathon

  1. I would have wet my self with the new DVD. I have never seen that much new in the wild.

  2. Just subscribed. Looking forward to learning from you, and getting the knowledge and courage to make the step into selling…

    Thank you!

  3. Is there anyway that I could email you? I found an item at Meijer not on sale sales rank of 110,000 and toys The cost to buy the item is $25. After all Amazon fees you'll come out 15 to $17 profit. I'm not ungated in that category though and these do go on sale buy one get one half off I'll tell you what the item is if you give me your email

  4. Thanks to you Walter and your AMAZING content! As of today, I've made my first official eBay sale via a Goodwill Thift Store purchase from just last night!! I just mailed it off about 30 minutes ago. Considering paying $3 for a $25 sale on eBay is VERY awesome! I'm still binging on your content (almost into 2018 stuff and your 2018 forecast into thrifting was EXCELLENT and impactful by the way), hopefully I'll be able to start the Amazon FBA process next week. I'm not gonna lie man, you've given me a LOT more hope and REALLY giving me some tools and insight to make my life better. I appreciate you and you are helping me fuel my purpose one sale at a time. God bless you man!!!

  5. I'm tired after watching this…

  6. That kingdom hearts 2 game goes for minimum $20-30 bucks. Games are a really good profit

  7. I don't understand buying DVDS I see them brand new all the time here where I live

  8. How much money did you spend on your inventory???

  9. Sue

    Can you make a video for those just starting out doing FBA? Especially for selling used items and how pricing works. Also, the basics of shipping them items. I've gathered some info from your various videos but still not clear on everything and if I should attempt FBA. Thanks!

  10. how long does it usually take on average to make this overall $3000 profit?

  11. Wow what a haul WBK! That’s the way to start the new year! Btw your Facebook group is the absolute best!!!!

  12. $800 profit driving 5 hours, I'm liking the new economy 🙂

  13. I sell a lot of Sony Dream Machines. 3 last year. And today I bought one. Whenever I see a lot of sports stuff, it's not worth it. The market is flooded. I avoid helmets and golf clubs.

  14. So AWESOME Blake!! So exciting to watch … gives me so much to look forward to and look out for 🙂 thank you!

  15. Another great video! You are crushing this daily video. If you are looking for vid ideas could you please do one on golf clubs for dummies? Specifically what info should be included like length, etc. I wound up with a vintage wood kit and the current videos on YouTube don't explain how to find info to post. Thank you

  16. Awesome video Walter! I love the insight and enthusiasm all around. Do you have a video already on how to list/package used and opened items for Amazon fba such as DVDs, video games and other electronics?
    Thanks in advance brotha!

  17. Hey Walter
    I was recently in a Goodwill wanting to do some scanning, but there was no wifi available at all. So is there a way around that?

  18. If you sell those illuminated sudoku games for $50, why don’t you buy all the ones on eBay and flip them on Amazon? There’s a ton of them for like $10 or less.

  19. Great finds, love that Sudoko game BOLO. I probably would’ve passed that up. Learning tons. Now I just need to find out the secret to getting approved on FBA for DVDs. (Unless you have a video for that, too.)

  20. Your energy was at 11 in this video, and it was contagious! Can't get over your Goodwill luck. Here in our Tri-State river cities (KY-OH-WV), they've got almost everything at new Macy's prices. Disgusting. But you're right… keep going! Push onward, even if it's dark out at 4:45pm. Thanks Blake!

  21. how did you get approved to sell Panasonic ?

  22. Why would someone buy that Sega Genesis 6 pak game on Amazon for $30 when you can buy it all day long on ebay for $12 shipped?

  23. I love these videos, you teach us sooooooooo much! Thanks Blake!

  24. 300 profit on DVD burner. Put down the crack pipe.

  25. Thanks for the shout out Blake. It was a pleasure to meet you. I was just thinking I havent been to all my favorite thrift stores since christmas and you just saved me hours of shopping!!

  26. Great video and wow! Nice finds!

  27. Not seeing "linked below for Facebook group"

  28. How much is the Zelda game worth? Only a shithead wouldn't tell us.

  29. Boom. That Zelda is dope. Congrats.

  30. I wish my local thrift stores had video games, I havent seen a video game at one in over a year.

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