3 dollar tree wedding//quinceanera//baby shower decoration

3 dollar tree wedding//quinceanera//baby shower decoration

Amazing These 3 projects are great alone and so beautiful together in my eyes. I know I’m going to use these for so many different events. When I started to make them I started thinking of different ways I’m going to use them all for. Let me know how you’ll be using them.

#1 Wreath
1 mini wire Wreath
Spray paint color of your choice
3 bags diamonds
Ribbon of your choice

#2 candle holders
3 ornaments
1 pk. napkin rings
2 glass candle holders
Gold spray paint
2 round mirrors

#3 picture frame Divider
7 5×7 picture frames
2 4×6 frames
3 pk. Mini Door hinges (2 in a pk) Walmart
1 mini hook optional

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click on the link below to see all my crafting supplies favorite including the mini door hinges

Amazon  favorite.

door hinges

Totally  dazzled.
Burlap fabric

Thank you source

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10 thoughts on “3 dollar tree wedding//quinceanera//baby shower decoration

  1. Love it all yes do a light fixture

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love all three. Tyfs. ❤️

  3. Love love love love the wreath… Almost a faux lamp with candle holders & wreath… 😉😉😉😉😉

  4. Oh my goodness you are so creative!

  5. Love them all it made your table area really pop love the gold 👍💖👌💡👏🙏💕

  6. Yes, I like light / lamp vidoes

  7. At about 14 mins on the sound was horrible couldn't hear anything just muffeld

  8. Yesss, please do a tutorial on the light fixture!!! All 3 are AMAZING!!! I Love them together!!! Wow…So Beautiful!!!GOD Bless You Always!!!🎄❤🎄❤🎄❤

  9. Omg yes do light fixture love these ideas your inspiration is amazing 😍

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