Hi everyone! Nathalie here! I’m bringing you more Dollar Tree recycled projects! I hope you’ve been saving your recycling, cause we’re going to make some beautiful outside summer decor! AND we only need a few dollar tree items to make them all!

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Dollar Tree Materials:
1 Plant Hanger
Jute Cord or Nautical Rope (separate strands)
Solar Light (optional)

Sunflower SVG File (Cricut)

Sunflower JPG File (Printable)

Thank you so much for being here with me! God bless and be safe!
Happy Crafting!!


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  1. Excellent! You are so inventive,I’m loving everything!! So glad I found your channel!!

  2. You are one creative & talented gal!! I have saved an onion net that I was thinking might make a stencil of sorts to spray on a blue frosted glass?? I love you way much better! Thank you for your inspiration & your laughter! Blessed be, my friend⚘

  3. Super cute ideas. I love the can planter and the bird feeder. You definitely are the queen of inventive craft recycling. So how did the birds like the feeder? Did the seed come out of the holes you cut ok?

  4. I love these…happy crating and God bless

  5. ALL of these are SO super cuuute‼️ You are sooo creative n very talented girl‼️ I'm SO sincerely thankful you share with us!

  6. Back again, now as a subscriber!

  7. Oh my goodness I’m finally doing this craft and I am so frustrated why does hot glue not even gorilla glue adhere to the cans or to metal or to glass what is the trick I did the E 6000 and also the hot glue combination and I feel like I have so much glue I’m so frustrated I’m ready to throw these things away what did you do to make it work help😭😭😭

  8. I save all my recyclable materials for diy's so I'm always looking for new ideas. These all came out so cute. I love cthe hanging cans. I can use them for so many ideas by adding different paint, words on the front, or adding different materials. Thanks for the inspiration.😊

  9. I found your message but it is late and I am tired from racking my brain with the cricut, I feel lost but I will get back to you hopefully tomorrow❤️I do appreciate you getting back to me and trying to help me out, you are a sweetheart❤️💕Have a blessed night✝️

  10. Hi Natalie Wow I just love all of them but I want to make the bird feeder cause I have everything I need for it ❤️But I have a question for you on the sunflower you made using a cricut. I am new at using a cricut and I downloaded the sunflower but how did you make it with the different colors because mine is all black and I cannot for the life of me figure it out🙁I am a senior and determined to figure out how to use the cricut but I think if I had someone to explain and actually show me it would be easier so I am hoping you can help😘😍❤️

  11. Do you knit you obviously crochet. Do you quilt. I crocheted lol for 20 years knitted at age 10 then picked it up 15 years ago and now I have quilting till I picked crafting up

  12. New subscriber and I am in love with your channel and your amazing, original and fresh DIY's. You go girl!!!!!!!! Big thumbs up!!!

  13. You really made some fabulous recyclable amazing pieces here!! I feed so many little critters!! I must make the bird feeder, that’s so sweet! Plus, you made my day about the crocheting!! I can remember the single, and it really looks more bohemian, and gives the craft items a better look! Thank you for the sweet idea!! Have a blessed week!

  14. Love these recycled crafts! Going to be making these for my patio 😊 you had me laughing through the whole video 😂 😂 😂 God bless!

  15. Love the bird feeder. Will be making for father's day. I do not crochet but I do finger crochet. I will be using calendar bird pics and flowers to decoupage

  16. These are so creative! TFS (New friend here)

  17. Oh my goodness I love those ty

  18. Nathalie, I just wanted you to know I cut the mesh off a potato bag. LOL your crafts and materials you use are a breath of fresh air. Thank you ma'am, God bless

  19. Of course I love you chanel, your crafts, your talents, your heart and your precious spirit! ❤ ty

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    Yes, to be sure, my life is kept serene, sane and sober because of peaceful adorable arts and craft projects and videos. I am very grateful. I am a homebody at heart, but I now realize that we are tranquilizing ourself with petty, pretty self indulgences when we ought to be totally bothered by the loss of our Civil Rights…

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    Yes, I realize we prefer our craft videos to be safe zones for the soul. I get that. But maybe we should also be talking about making statements for the support of our nation; our unimployed sisters and brothers.

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  21. I really can talk, my typing not always😉

  22. Nathalie, these are fantastic! The lanterns are gorgeous. You laughter is contagious, am so glad you give us alternatives if we don't have the material you used. Onion bag!! God bless you and be safe

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