$25 Winter Fishing BUDGET Shopping at Dick's

$25 Winter Fishing BUDGET Shopping at Dick's

Amazing Today I’m doing some winter fishing budget shopping w/ a $25 budget at Dick’s!!!

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38 thoughts on “$25 Winter Fishing BUDGET Shopping at Dick's

  1. Who's going budget shopping after this video???

  2. Just curious have you ever tried ice fishing

  3. I would not shop at dicks ever my opinion my 2a comes first

  4. j m

    i would like to see new pond and lakes. always the same ponds

  5. At Dick's I got a bunch of lunkerhunt square bills on clearance for $1.50 each last week…can't beat that.

  6. Walmart you would have been able to get at least $5 more of stuff haha

  7. lojo i think that lizard is probably one of your old ones because you love them

  8. That's why I stick to Academy Sports dicks is too high

  9. you should do a abu garcia pro max reveiw

  10. great video! but shame on any outdoors men for spending a dime at Dicks.

  11. Want to go shopping. Want to go fishing. Expecting snow this weekend though 😪

  12. I had the same situation this past Sunday at a private pond. I fished for almost 2 hours doing the finesse winter approach with a shakey head and nothing was working. I picked up a spinner bait with double Colorado blades and a swim bait trailer and started slaying them. They were eating like pre spawn. It was unreal. Great video!

  13. I use Sprayed Grass Zoom on several baits, straight 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Sick video man! I know it’s a little early with it being January but a future video idea that I would enjoy would be a top 5/top 10 spring bass lures video. I’ve always heard that the spring time is the best fishing and Ive had good luck in the spring but not so much luck catching any big bass

  15. Love what you're doing here. You guys are legit. 🙂

  16. Just started watching the vid I like that combo. Looks good for my neck of the woods to (in south GA)

  17. Okay Mr. Fortnite. I had to rewind it to show my son you said Yeet! Yeet on out of here. He cracked up cause he plays Fornite. My sons 12.

  18. why would you shop at such a shit hole ?

  19. The dicks near me had 2$ big bite baits senkos

  20. I wish we have store like Dick's here in Croatia…..

  21. I budget fish all the time and love it

  22. That was some great budgeting. This was a pretty cool video LoJo. Keep up the good work.

  23. Dicks is anti 2nd amendment. Dicks wants to ban AR15s and hi cap magazines.

  24. *NEW LOW BUDGET CHALLENGE IDEA* Go cut a fresh bamboo and trim to make into a stout bamboo pole, tape on some line guide eyes and use a kids reel off a kids pole to go out to a big catfish or big bass lake and watch that strong bamboo pole bend and hear the kids reel drag whining!

  25. We really need a LOJO ice fishing video.

  26. Man you make way too many videos like this. All youtube fisherman are going downhill so bad, too many stupid challenges.

  27. What’s up Lojo 👊👊👍 keep up the good work love the content👊👊👊👍

  28. Do you have a Academy available?

  29. In one video you should bye a abu Garcia pro max because that’s the type I got for Christmas and it’s really good currently plz read

  30. Good video Lojo 👍💯 already watch TJ 🤣🤣 cool to see y'all fishin together 💯👍

  31. most patriotic americans dont shop at antigun dicks

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