24 Hour Extreme Wallet Survival Challenge

24 Hour Extreme Wallet Survival Challenge

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Hey every one this was my attempt to use only what i carry everyday in my wallet. The goal was simple go out into the woods and try and survive 24 hours with only whats in my wallet. I did manage to make a shelter that kept me warm all night in 33 degree weather. Besides the shelter i did have enough cordage in my wallet to make a fishing pole that i used to see if i can catch and cook a fish. I have to say the most handy piece of gear i had in my wallet was the Grimes Workshop and survival card that thing had many usefull purposes that i was able to use on the adventure. Along from everything you see on this 24 hour wallet survival challenge i had fun yes some parts sucked but after many hours of countless hours of searching on YouTube oh someone trying to take whats in there wallet and survive for a night or two and couldnt find anyone who did it i hope you enjoy and make sure to like comment subscribe if your new many more challenges await in the future untill next time Tyler Wood Bushchraft
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13 thoughts on “24 Hour Extreme Wallet Survival Challenge

  1. Awesome challenge! This Really got me thinking of what i can add to my edc to be prepared in an emergency. I would add some simple first aid like a bandaids, a sewing needle to go with the fishing line and some duct tape.

  2. This is really a great idea. It goes to show what is possible if you put your mind to a solution.

    Side note, it was hinted of a possible other person for the 7 day. ZF? LOL

  3. New shoes? Hey man, add one of those cord saws to your wallet. I think one was included with the firetin that I sent you. They also work as a snare.

  4. Hey man. First time viewer. Ive had that card for a while. I guess u should put out to work. I just subscribed keep it up

  5. Digging those orange shoes… 👍☺️ That was great! Sux that mylar blanket ripped on you but great improvising. This is why I want to get better with the fire rod. Great video as always.

  6. Reallybigmonkey1 is a great guy. I have been a subscriber for quite some time.

  7. Can't wait to see this. 🤗❤️

  8. 👀 Good stuff right here. Wish your cameras had more juice. Would love to see how the night and morning went for you thru this challenge

  9. Awesome! Got hooked on your videos! Thanks!

  10. This is gonna be good. Been looking forward to seeing you back in the field!

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