2020 Savings Challenge| The $1, $5, $10 Savings Challenge 2020

2020 Savings Challenge| The $1, $5, $10 Savings Challenge 2020

Super The $1, $5, $10 Savings Challenge 2020

We started the 1, $5, $10 challenge for the new year 2020.We had an early start late November 2019 but will continue the $1, $5, $10 Challenge all the way to the end of 2020. We will be saving every $1, $5, $10 dollar bill I came across for 1 year! We are saving all the change we get when we use cash at the store and the coins as well. If we don’t have cash we will ask for cash back. Please subscribe, like, and turn on notifications for more. I will be making a video every month and check in to see how this challenge is going so far.
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8 thoughts on “2020 Savings Challenge| The $1, $5, $10 Savings Challenge 2020

  1. Sorry everyone the total is actually $257 I can't do math lol…but don't be a ghost viewer leave a comment yall =)

  2. Im joinging!! Im saving up for a car and a holiday. Good luck!!!

  3. Great job. We’re doing the 5 & 1 challenge on my channel. I’m not sure if we could do 10s on top of that. We’re also doing a few other challenges as well. The money adds up pretty quickly.

  4. I am saving my dollars. I also have a goal to save 11000.00 this year.

  5. that was a good video! you saved up so much so fast. im doing the $5 challenge this year too. for the next video put them in groups of 20s then groups of 100s to make it easy to count. that what i do when i count a large amount of cash

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  7. 101 sub here I’ll be watching pair of talking hands

  8. D B

    That dollar you missed til the very end was giving me anxiety lol …cool video I’m looking forward to see the updates 👍🏼

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