$200 in PROFIT from this $5 STAR WARS LEGO

$200 in PROFIT from this $5 STAR WARS LEGO

Awesome In this video we showcase and share with you how we found this limited edition Poe Dameron Star Wars Lego 30386 and how you can make money reselling it online. We share on this youtube channel how to find and resell products online for a profit via Retail Arbitrage for Amazon FBA. This a great beginner strategy that you can utilize in your own business, probably not resell star wars legos however there is still opportunity on platforms such as Ebay or other outside websites.

Link to the site we used:

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15 thoughts on “$200 in PROFIT from this $5 STAR WARS LEGO

  1. Hello This product not Amazon US and UK
    Is it possible sell by amazon usa ?

  2. The only people who are salty about flippers are people who wish they could flip, but don't want to take the leap.

  3. Brother!!! brother!!! great stuff!!!

  4. Great info! back to back to back videos! taking over with the authentic and honest content!!

  5. About 4 months ago I found lego sets at my local kroger for 75% off and I bought them all. You have to always be looking!!!

  6. Anyone know the upc? I can see it clearly 😬

  7. Who keeps telling YouTubers to do fake faces with their mouths open or acting surprised.

  8. Awesome Content Steven I mean Justin. 😂

  9. Justin it was so great to finally meet your brother, yes he is the nerd. LOL. I love learning and laughing they go together so well. I would like to know about gated, ungated and you were just talking about buying a LLC. If you already did, sorry, I missed that one. I can buy stuff, pack it, mail it and make a profit. The other stuff is the part that scares me. I don’t have a lot of start up money. Thank you guys so much, I’m really proud of you two. YOU DID IT!!

  10. Do you sell these on eBay as a Fixed Price item with Buy it Now? Or just a Fixed Price?

  11. Business is business second hand store antique stores whatever business is business it's a turnover Society

  12. Do you think it’s worth for me to get an ungating service for Nike or LEGO? If so, which one would be probably better to get? It’s pretty expensive so just wanted some input. Thanks!

  13. Hey Justin great video. Showing a little acting ability. You can't just go on Brickseek if you don't know it's gonna be hot. So you knew and checked Brickseek out. Is this correct? Funny, but please don't quit your day job.

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