$20 LGS Deckbuilding Challenge || Friday Night Paper Fight

$20 LGS Deckbuilding Challenge || Friday Night Paper Fight

Great Broadcast: 2019-12-13

Alex –
Cameron –
James –
Adam –

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27 thoughts on “$20 LGS Deckbuilding Challenge || Friday Night Paper Fight

  1. Damnnnn Alex's hair is fabulous AF


  3. One, man I wish I had caught this live, this is fantastic.

    Two, dunno if it's just me but James looks like he's lost some weight recently. He wasn't overweight to begin with or anything like that, but he just looks like he's slimmed down some.

  4. Legacy banned list. Jam 4 Frantic Searches into your deck.

  5. Nyx Weav or not, you had the mana to go for it xD

  6. Already watched this on twitch, it was a great episode love these and commander. Have liked and so consider this me being engaged 🙂

  7. battalion is two other, not two creatures!!! alex could've blocked

  8. Is it just me or has James lost weight?

  9. Everyone Else: "I've got this plan and I'm going to be look for these sets of cards"
    Adam: "Why does this yeti have a human face?"

  10. Alex had enough cash left over to possibly get a Hogaak, I get that he went with the idea of having creatures in grave, but he could have eaten non-creatures for it.

  11. y ru playing w/ island insel is better

  12. If you have a "burning V", please see a doctor.

  13. Its like that early 2000s show, "Scrapyard Challenge" but for magic!

  14. Cameron has beautiful writing. envious.

  15. Can "A Clean Well-Lit Place To Storm Out" be a button, please?

  16. Wasn't there theoretically a way to win for Cameron before drawing from his empty library in the first game against Adam?
    After Untap, but before Draw Step you cast three cards from the graveyard, getting the Burning Vengeance trigger twice each time, but casting the next draw spell before the previous one resolves.
    With three casts, Adam should take 12 from the Vengeances, so Cam wins before drawing empty, no?

  17. I wonder if any of them could have put interesting lands in their decks. There's a surprising number of utility lands in every color with zendikar and amonkhet.

  18. I have loved both of these! I feel like the mono red deck this time and the mono white deck last time ruined it a little. Just to consistent. Cameron's decks both times have been amazing!

  19. For reference, Cam can cast the circular logic at 1:04:10 with the lands frantic search untap. Madness is a triggered ability that goes on the stack as the card is being discarded. It will resolve when the stack gets to it, thus you have to finish resolving frantic search before casting the madness card. This nets you 3 untapped lands, more than enough to pay for the logic's cost.

  20. So my LGS doesn’t have nearly as extensive a selection of cards as YJ does, but I’ve built seven or so decks in this style now? It’s incredibly fun playing more casual kinds of magic with friends, especially when it costs barely anything! Great content as always guys, really hope to see more of this!

  21. Thank you for correcting yourself Adam, although I don't think Ashiok uses pronouns, only Ashiok's name. Still, "They" is definitely better than those plebeian binary pronouns

  22. 1:04:00 it works exactly how you want it to
    The madness trigger waits to go on the stack while frantic resolves. While frantic is resolving, you untap the lands. Then frantic finishes resolving and the trigger that's been waiting to go on the stack does so. Then you can cast it for its madness cost

  23. Our LGS is very similar to YJ… a little bigger and with a computer system to find cards that is accessible to anyone (they get the cards though), but very similar nonetheless. (Also we don’t do meta pricing (they have a system set up to congregate online pricing on the hour and adjust))

  24. Graham is so good at editing.

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