20 Items for $2 to Sell for $400 | Goodwill Outlet Bins Haul to Resell on Ebay | Reselling

20 Items for $2 to Sell for $400 | Goodwill Outlet Bins Haul to Resell on Ebay | Reselling

Awesome Buy Low, Sell High! I picked up 20 breakable items for $2 at the Goodwill Outlet Bins to sell on Ebay and Etsy for profit.

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Welcome to my channel! I make extra money by reselling things I can flip from garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, Goodwill online, ThredUp rescue boxes on places like Ebay, Etsy, and Poshmark. I like to do unboxings of jewelry jars, thredup reject boxes, jewelry hauls from places like shopgoodwill, online auctions, ebay, and more! Garage sale, thrift shop, and estate sale hauls of vintage items, jewelry jars, and jewelry are always fun too!

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44 thoughts on “20 Items for $2 to Sell for $400 | Goodwill Outlet Bins Haul to Resell on Ebay | Reselling

  1. I thrift A LOT, but mostly for clothes because I costume for theatre. I like to use vintage clothes, and I collect vintage clothes as well. I went to the bins today and bought my first item to resell. I bought a pair of Ray Ban prescription glasses that retail for $178, in perfect condition. Wish me luck, I’m a nervous wreck 😂

  2. Look up Japanese ikebana for the floral frog dish. The seashell might be a spiny murex. Too bad about the Princess Bride glass, it was awesome. Love your selling philosophy💓

  3. I think you should do whatever pleases you.

  4. I really like how you price high to start, it leaves wiggle room for hagglers. Great finds!

  5. Margaret….you have such a talent for understanding the collectible market, understanding pricing + SEO and presentation of a piece….I would only have picked up one or two of those items….please do a follow up about sales…I am very curious to see what happens to this group.

  6. Where were the ornaments made? Feel that may impact price to sell.

  7. I wonder if the owner of the Our Name Is Mud company is a fan of Primus. Lol! Love the disk shape of the floral frog vase. Love the red nails, too😉

  8. I find the first item interesting. I'm a guy who is a experienced picker but you are constantly learning in this field. I find it interesting because I would nevr buy that piece especially once I saw the $14.99 price. I'm a seller who wants everything sold very quickly and I'm willing to take very small hits to have it sell quick and something like deer I mean I feel like it's complete guessing. Not saying your wrong at all that's not what I'm saying I just can't imagine sitting on the deer for months at $35 if it even sells. This is why I just started watching your show because there are very few Women pickers and I need to see your point of view so I can in turn improve off your knowledge. Another huge thing that has given me advantage over the years is simply having a good memory. Might sound weird but over experience and memory are the two biggest things you can have on your side. As far as other things go stuff like the mug I just can't buy. I know Gary Vee is big on Mugs but in my experience you have to sit on them forever waiting for the exact person which is just not my game. I have bought mugs before being very very very picky and had to sit on them for months and months and I knew it wasn't anything I did because for example one of them was an Exclusive Disney Parks Mug Cup that said Grandpa on it it took me months to sell and it only sold for $11.95 shipped. Found the exact same Mug again but this one said DAD same thing happen and both were brand new not used loose mugs. I have come to find out the Volume just isn't there for Mugs as far as buying volume. Also with Mugs I found out the hard way most of them weigh over 1lb and for us sellers we know what that means. Another example for Mugs the other day I found 5 Campbells Soup Cup Mugs for $.50 a piece. I mean yes easy profit and I should of bought them but when I priced it out (I always price the lowest buy it now on ebay for everything) I would have to start the sale at $24.99 and it would sell in that range or maybe for $20 shipped. Around $12 to ship for 5lbs leaves me with $8 from $2.50. Just isn't worth the trouble. If I over priced it like you and it sold then it's different but I never do that I price the lowest to sell it fast. When I watched to the end I just noticed I wouldn't of bought any of that stuff except for 2 Mugs and that circular thing. Great Video keep it up

  9. i really enjoy this type of video Margaret. I feel less crazy because we think alike. or maybe we are both nuts…

  10. I managed to break a beautiful Otagiri chicken napkin Holder before I got it home from Goodwill the other day.

  11. Good picking Margaret! Try the Goodwill on Sundays. My Goodwill has $1 day on Sundays! I've been getting dish sets for $1 and splitting them up. To maximize the profit. You are a smart shopper turning $2 into $400!!! My hero!

  12. Ikebana flower vase, the round brown one with the frog. Japanese art of flowering arranging.

  13. Love your storefront here! I love love love your concepts and style! <3 Thank you for sharing!

  14. Nice video! I've been collecting mugs to list in my Ebay store but havent gotten around to it do to shipping. Any advice? Price ranges or boxes to ship in?

  15. The vase/flower frog is an Ikabana vase. Japanese art of flower arranging. I'd def put that in the listing…you're probably WAY ahead of me but thought I'd mention.

  16. I think the yellow elephants are helium balloon weights

  17. You look lovely tonight I love your hair.

  18. What are the wire things that are coming up from the yellow elephants?

  19. I am new to the reselling business and I had a question for all you fellow resellers out there. So since we call reselling a business are we supposed to pay taxes? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Thank you for this video. Very informative. On a personal note, you look so good! Love your hair. Hope you’re doing well and I hope to see you at the bins again.

  21. Hi! Love this video when you talk out your pricing thoughts! You may know this already, but the bisque baby looks like what I always called a bye lo baby…maybe good key words for you!

  22. J I

    I would ask at least $50 for the Apple mug. Those are very collectible

  23. Valentines Day is coming up for the pink mug!

  24. On the terracotta fish … I think the "5terre" might stand for Cinqueterre, an area on the Italian Riviera. Cinque means five in Italian.

  25. Sell high! You can always lower your price. It doesn’t hurt to try, right? The mauve mug and heart trinket dish would be great for Valentines Day❤️❤️❤️

  26. Do you list on both platforms?

  27. Awesome haul… love the snowman salt and pepper

  28. Hey, Margaret. When you tell us what you’re going to list an item for, will that be with shipping added on top or free shipping? Thanks.

  29. Hello get most for your treasures because you're the one hunting for them. GREAT VIDEO AND GREAT CONTENT. THUMBS-UP ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hi Margaret you might've already said in another video but what are your 2020 eBay store goals?

  31. Margaret, the set of Christmas ornaments. I would hold till next September, October, on Etsy, You will get more in season. Than now. I know you dont want to hold more items. But it could be a $50 or &60 difference.

  32. I wouldn't have bought the yellow mug because of the damage on the mouth part but will be interesting to see

  33. The welcome cat is actually cute for the right person

  34. I would sell the Xmas ornaments for $50

  35. Margaret, you better be careful, if you drink from the yellow mug, you might get – "a frog in your throat" ( lol ) PS- there are frog collectors

  36. Hello Thanks for sharing I enjoy the videos

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