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5 thoughts on “$20.00 Dollar Tree Challenge Christmas Home Decor 2017

  1. These are great ideas! Do the snowflakes come off the kitchen towels for easy washing? (the background music is a little on the loud side and sometimes makes it hard to hear you talk..just a little advise.)

  2. Awesome DIY projects!! Love the wall hanger, i am doing something like that too but going to clip my greeting cards to them. The kitchen towels are super adorable! I cam from the dollar Tree ONLY Facebook group! New subbie as well! Happy Holidays. Tfs – xoxo Emmie

  3. Such good DIYs! The door hanger was perfect. I also love the ornaments, they look so pretty! You really made those dishtowels look so amazing! Thanks for participating in this collab and happy holidays! I added your link to the play list and in my description box 🙂

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