2 Examples of Online Arbitrage Products You Can Buy & Resell on Amazon FBA for a Profit

2 Examples of Online Arbitrage Products You Can Buy & Resell on Amazon FBA for a Profit

Amazing Today I’m going to run your through another Online Arbitrage Reselling Tutorial. We’re going to source cheap profitable products that we can then resell back through Amazon FBA, on ebay, on Poshmark, or on Mercari for a profit.

I mainly source these products through Bensbargins for Amazon FBA, but you never want to only have one end goal in mind when you’re sourcing for arbitrage. Use all the tools in your tool belt (or all the potential sites to source from…as well as all the potential marketplaces to resell them on).

Bensbargains is one of my best kept secret websites to source profitable products for online arbitrage.

You can find gems on this site if you hit it at the right time. You can then go ahead & purchase as many as you want of that product. It’s a bulk deal site…so treat this like bulk deal arbitrage.

The best part is you can buy just a few to test the waters or you can go all in on a product if you find a great deal. For example, lets say you find a profitable product you can resell back on Amazon with Amazon FBA for a high profit. Let’s also that product is selling really well & has a high best seller rank. The sales velocity is high & there are only a few other sellers on the product listing…

In that case, you want to go all in & buy in bulk at that discount. The reason is because you know the products will sell. And they’ll sell much higher on Amazon that you bought them for with your bulk discount or coupon code from another website.

Try it out. It’ll really help you source profitable products for Arbitrage!


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4 thoughts on “2 Examples of Online Arbitrage Products You Can Buy & Resell on Amazon FBA for a Profit

  1. Hi Bryan. Does this business model work for someone in India?Can I do this business model in the USA using a prep centre? If so, does it affect the margins? Thanks

  2. Hey bryan i am thinking about buying your course. I have my own private label product and been an Amazon seller for about a year now. i want to get into RA and OA. How often do you sell new ps4/xbox/switch video games on FBA?


  4. Great stuff bro haven’t checked out this website personally but definitely worth taking a look 🙌🏽

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